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Akın Akakın
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Anatomy of cerebral veins and sinuses
T Kılıç, A Akakın
Handbook on Cerebral Venous Thrombosis 23, 4-15, 2008
Comparison of endoscopic transnasal and transoral approaches to the craniovertebral junction
A Seker, K Inoue, S Osawa, A Akakin, T Kilic, AL Rhoton Jr
World neurosurgery 74 (6), 583-602, 2010
The dentate nucleus and its projection system in the human cerebellum: the dentate nucleus microsurgical anatomical study
A Akakin, M Peris-Celda, T Kilic, A Seker, A Gutierrez-Martin, A Rhoton Jr
Neurosurgery 74 (4), 401-425, 2014
Endovascular treatment increases but gamma knife radiosurgery decreases angiogenic activity of arteriovenous malformations: an in vivo experimental study using a rat cornea model
A Akakin, A Ozkan, E Akgun, DY Koc, D Konya, MN Pamir, T Kilic
Neurosurgery 66 (1), 121-130, 2010
The effects of inflammatory response associated with traumatic spinal cord injury in cutaneous wound healing and on expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-β1) and …
D Konya, A Gercek, A Akakin, D Akakin, S Tural, S Cetinel, S Ozgen, ...
Growth Factors 26 (2), 74-79, 2008
Cervical meningocele causing symptoms in adulthood: Case report and review of the literature
D Konya, A Dagcinar, A Akakin, A Gercek, S Ozgen, MN Pamir
Clinical Spine Surgery 19 (7), 531-533, 2006
Rare and challenging extra-axial brain lesions: CT and MRI findings with clinico-radiological differential diagnosis and pathological correlation
MK Demir, Ö Yapıcıer, E Onat, ZO Toktaş, A Akakın, K Urgun, T Kılıç
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology 20 (5), 448, 2014
Posterior epidural disc herniation at L3-L4 mimicking a spinal tumor: a case report.
MS Ekşi, U Yener, A Akakin, D Akakin, D Konya
Journal of neurosurgical sciences 54 (2), 71-76, 2010
Anterior transpedicular screw fixation of cervical spine: is it safe? Morphological feasibility, technical properties, and accuracy of manual insertion
E Koktekir, ZO Toktas, A Seker, A Akakin, D Konya, T Kilic
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 22 (6), 596-604, 2015
Surgical anatomy of the cavernous sinus, superior orbital fissure, and orbital apex via a lateral orbitotomy approach: a cadaveric anatomical study
M Ulutas, S Boyacı, A Akakın, T Kılıç, K Aksoy
Acta neurochirurgica 158 (11), 2135-2148, 2016
Epidural anesthesia in elective lumbar microdiscectomy surgery: is it safe and effective?
A Akakin, B Yilmaz, A Akay, S Sahin, MS Eksi, D Konya
Turkish neurosurgery 25 (1), 117-120, 2015
A very quickly prepared, colored silicone material for injecting into cerebral vasculature for anatomical dissection: a novel and suitable material for both fresh and non-fresh …
K Urgun, ZO Toktas, A Akakin, B Yilmaz, S Sahin, T Kilic
Turk Neurosurg 26 (4), 568-573, 2016
MŞ Ekşi, T Hasanov, B Yılmaz, A Akakın, Y Bayri, S Uyar, TK Bozkurt, ...
Cell 1 (415), 7347063, 2014
Publication rates of presentations at annual scientific meetings of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society
MS Eksi, SC Kaplan, B Yilmaz, A Akakin, ZO Toktas, D Konya, T Kilic
Turk Neurosurg 27 (1), 142-145, 2017
Vertebral artery loops in surgical perspective
MŞ Ekşi, ZO Toktaş, B Yılmaz, MK Demir, EE Özcan-Ekşi, AB Bayoumi, ...
European Spine Journal 25 (12), 4171-4180, 2016
Congenital dermal sinus of the cervical spine in an adult
A Dagcinar, D Konya, A Akakin, A Gercek, S Ozgen, NM Pamir
Journal of clinical Neuroscience 15 (1), 73-76, 2008
Use of programmable versus nonprogrammable shunts in the management of normal pressure hydrocephalus: A multicenter retrospective study with cost–benefit analysis in Turkey
Y Serarslan, A Yilmaz, M Çakır, E Güzel, A Akakin, A Güzel, B Urfalı, ...
Medicine 96 (39), 2017
Atretic cephaloceles: a comprehensive analysis of historical cohort
MK Demir, A Çolak, MŞ Ekşi, EE Özcan-Ekşi, A Akakın, B Yılmaz
Child's Nervous System 32 (12), 2327-2337, 2016
Familial occurrence of brain arteriovenous malformation: a novel ACVRL1 mutation detected by whole exome sequencing
B Yılmaz, ZO Toktaş, A Akakın, S Işık, K Bilguvar, T Kılıç, M Günel
Journal of neurosurgery 126 (6), 1879-1883, 2016
Giant calcified intraventricular pilocytic astrocytoma: a rare entity
MŞ Ekşi, T Hasanov, B Yılmaz, A Akakın, Y Bayri, SU Bozkurt, T Kılıç
Neurology India 62 (1), 2014
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