Muhammad Shafiullah
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The CO 2-Growth nexus revisited: A nonparametric analysis for G7 economies over nearly two centuries
M Shahbaz, M Shafiullah, VG Papavassiliou, S Hammoudeh
Energy Economics 65, 183-193, 2017
The role of export composition in export-led growth in Australia and its regions
M Shafiullah, S Selvanathan, A Naranpanawa
Economic Analysis and Policy 53, 62-76, 2017
The effects of economic and financial crises on international tourist flows: A cross-country analysis
U Khalid, LE Okafor, M Shafiullah
Journal of Travel Research 59 (2), 315-334, 2020
Determinants of international tourism demand: Evidence from Australian states and territories
M Shafiullah, LE Okafor, U Khalid
Tourism Economics 25 (2), 274–296, 2019
Foreign aid and its impact on income inequality
M Shafiullah
International Review of Business Research Papers 7 (2), 91-105, 2011
The impact of carbon emissions on country risk: Evidence from the G7 economies
SM Chaudhry, R Ahmed, M Shafiullah, TLD Huynh
Journal of environmental management 265, 110533, 2020
The Dynamics of Financial Development, Globalisation, Economic Growth and Life Expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa
M Shahbaz, M Shafiullah, MK Mahalik
Australian Economic Papers 58 (4), 444-479, 2019
Do Bangladesh and Sri Lanka enjoy export-led growth? A comparison of two small South Asian Economies
M Shafiullah, R Navaratnam
South Asia Economic Journal 17 (1), 114-132, 2016
A nonparametric analysis of energy environmental Kuznets Curve in Chinese Provinces
M Shahbaz, M Shafiullah, U Khalid, M Song
Energy Economics 89, 104814, 2020
Modeling cross-correlations and efficiency of Islamic and conventional banks from Saudi Arabia: Evidence from MF-DFA and MF-DXA approaches
W Mensi, A Hamdi, SJH Shahzad, M Shafiullah, KH Al-Yahyaee
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 502, 576-589, 2018
Volatility spillovers between strategic commodity futures and stock markets and portfolio implications: Evidence from developed and emerging economies
W Mensi, M Shafiullah, XV Vo, SH Kang
Resources Policy 71, 102002, 2021
Quantile causality and dependence between crude oil and precious metal prices
M Shafiullah, SM Chaudhry, M Shahbaz, JC Reboredo
International Journal of Finance & Economics, 2020
The bilateral J‐curve in Australia: A nonlinear reappraisal
M Bahmani‐Oskooee, M Shafiullah, F Islam
Australian Economic Papers 56 (3), 249-269, 2017
The Harberger–Laursen–Metzler effect: evidence from five SAARC countries
M Shafiullah, F Islam, R Navaratnam
Empirical Economics 58, 1749–1777, 2020
Financial development and governance: a panel data analysis incorporating cross-sectional dependence
U Khalid, M Shafiullah
Economic Systems, 100855, 2021
Examining Dutch disease across Australian regions
M Shafiullah, S Selvanathan, A Naranpanawa, A Chai
The World Economy 42 (2), 590–613, 2019
Do stock markets play a role in determining COVID‐19 economic stimulus? A cross‐country analysis
M Shafiullah, U Khalid, SM Chaudhry
The World Economy, 2021
Does meat consumption exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions? Evidence from US data
M Shafiullah, U Khalid, M Shahbaz
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (9), 11415-11429, 2021
Export-Led Growth in Australia: A Regional Examination
M Shafiullah
Technical report, Economics and Business Statistics Discipline, Griffith …, 2014
Does economic policy uncertainty affect renewable energy consumption?
M Shafiullah, MD Miah, MS Alam, M Atif
Renewable Energy, 2021
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