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Awais Ahmed Khan
Awais Ahmed Khan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
An automatic and optimal selection of parts orientation in additive manufacturing
AM Al-Ahmari, O Abdulhameed, AA Khan
Rapid Prototyping Journal 24 (4), 698-708, 2018
Multi-objective optimization of oblique turning operations using finite element model and genetic algorithm
U Umer, JA Qudeiri, HAM Hussein, AA Khan, AR Al-Ahmari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 71, 593-603, 2014
Experimental study of tribological and mechanical properties of TiN coating on AISI 52100 bearing steel
GM Uddin, AA Khan, M Ghufran, ZR Tahir, M Asim, M Sagheer, M Jawad, ...
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 10 (9), 1687814018802882, 2018
Optimization of a 660 MWe Supercritical Power Plant Performance—A Case of Industry 4.0 in the Data-Driven Operational Management. Part 2. Power Generation
W Muhammad Ashraf, G Moeen Uddin, A Hassan Kamal, M Haider Khan, ...
Energies 13 (21), 5619, 2020
A Feature Recognition System Using Geometric Reasoning
ESA Nasr, AA Khan, AM Alahmari, HMA Hussein
Procedia CIRP 18, 238-243, 2014
Design and Analysis of Tower Structure for Solar Thermal Power Plant
K Mahboob, MM Aslam, A Qaddus, A Ahmad, U Mushtaq, A Khan
2018 2nd International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency …, 2018
Integrated Process and Fixture Planning: Theory and Practice
AA Khan, EA Nasr, A Al-Ahmari, SH Mian
CRC Press, 2018
High-vibration diagnosis of gas turbines: An experimental investigation
M Akhtar, MS Kamran, N Hayat, AU Rehman, AA Khan
Journal of Vibration and Control 27 (1-2), 3-17, 2021
Integrated system for automation of process, fixture and inspection planning
E Abouel Nasr, A Al-Ahmari, AA Khan, SH Mian, O Abdulhameed, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 42, 1-22, 2020
An automatic fixture modeling system using search strategy
EA Nasr, A Al-Ahmari, AA Khan, A Kamrani
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of …, 2015
Experimental investigation of micro-channels produced in aluminum alloy (AA 2024) through laser machining
N Ahmed, AM Alahmari, S Darwish, AA Khan
Applied Physics A 122, 1-16, 2016
CFD analysis of variable geometric angle winglets
AH Kazim, AH Malik, H Ali, MU Raza, AA Khan, T Aized, A Shabbir
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology 94 (2), 289-301, 2022
Comparison of Li2CO3-Na2CO3- K2CO3, KCl-MgCl2 and NaNO3-KNO3 as heat transfer fluid for different sCO2 and steam power cycles in CSP tower plant under different DNI conditions
JSTAK Kamran Mahboob , Awais A Khan, Muhammad Adeel Khan
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 13 (4), 1-17, 2021
Computer-aided process planning in prismatic shape die components based on Standard for the Exchange of Product model data
AA Khan, HM Hussein, ES Abouel Nasr, A Al-Ahmari
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 7 (11), 1687814015619828, 2015
An integrated system for automatic computer aided fixture design
EA Nasr, A Al-Ahmari, A Kamrani, AA Khan
the 41st International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering, 654, 2011
Comparison of a solar thermal tower power plant based on LiF-NaF-KF, NaCl-KCl-ZnCl2, and NaNO3-KNO3 as HTF under different DNI conditions for different power cycles
K Mahboob, AA Khan, J Sarwar, MW Saleem, TA Khan
Solar Energy 235, 140-151, 2022
Comparative analysis of low-temperature PVD-based TiN nano-thin-film-coated and -uncoated TNMG inserts in dry machining
MGMJ Muhammad Qasim Zafar, Ghulam Moeen Uddin, Muhammad Asim, Awais Ahmed ...
Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, 1-10, 2019
Comparative Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Adhesion of Low Temperature PVD Coated TiO2 Thin Films
M Ghufran, GM Uddin, AA Khan, H Hussein, K Khurshid, SM Arafat
Advances in Manufacturing II: Volume 4-Mechanical Engineering, 451-460, 2019
An Independent CAPP system for prismatic parts
AA Khan
International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing 5 (2), 129-144, 2015
Impact of Stakeholders on Lean Six Sigma Project Costs and Outcomes during Implementation in an Air-Conditioner Manufacturing Industry
J Sarwar, AA Khan, A Khan, A Hasnain, SM Arafat, HU Ali, GM Uddin, ...
Processes 10 (12), 2591, 2022
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