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Burcin Simsek
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Phase II study of ipilimumab in adolescents with unresectable stage III or IV malignant melanoma
B Geoerger, C Bergeron, L Gore, L Sender, IJ Dunkel, C Herzog, ...
European Journal of Cancer 86, 358-363, 2017
Which sleep health characteristics predict all-cause mortality in older men? An application of flexible multivariable approaches
ML Wallace, K Stone, SF Smagula, MH Hall, B Simsek, DM Kado, ...
Sleep 41 (1), zsx189, 2018
A phase 3, randomized, open-label study of nivolumab combined with cabozantinib vs sunitinib in patients with previously untreated advanced or metastatic renal cell carcinoma …
TK Choueiri, AB Apolo, T Powles, B Escudier, OR Aren, A Shah, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 36 (15_suppl), TPS4598-TPS4598, 2018
Nivolumab versus everolimus in advanced renal cell carcinoma: Japanese subgroup 3-year follow-up analysis from the Phase III CheckMate 025 study
Y Tomita, S Fukasawa, N Shinohara, H Kitamura, M Oya, M Eto, K Tanabe, ...
Japanese journal of clinical oncology 49 (6), 506-514, 2019
An asymptotic expansion for the normalizing constant of the Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution
RE Gaunt, S Iyengar, ABO Daalhuis, B Simsek
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 71 (1), 163-180, 2019
Approximating the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson normalizing constant
B Şimşek, S Iyengar
Filomat 30 (4), 953-960, 2016
An approach to negative hypergeometric distribution by generating function for special numbers and polynomials
Turkish Journal of Mathematics 43 (5), 2337-2353, 2019
The computation of expected values and moments of special polynomials via characteristic and generating functions
B Simsek, B Simsek
AIP Conference Proceedings 1863 (1), 300012, 2017
On the distribution of photon counts with censoring in two-photon laser scanning microscopy
B Simsek, S Iyengar
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 58 (1), 47-56, 2017
Applications of point process models to imaging and biology
B Simsek
University of Pittsburgh, 2016
696O_PR Nivolumab+ cabozantinib vs sunitinib in first-line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma: First results from the randomized phase III CheckMate 9ER trial
TK Choueiri, T Powles, M Burotto, MT Bourlon, B Zurawski, VMO Juárez, ...
Annals of Oncology 31, S1159, 2020
Nivolumab plus ipilimumab for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: preliminary analysis of patients in the CheckMate 650 trial
P Sharma, RK Pachynski, V Narayan, A Fléchon, G Gravis, MD Galsky, ...
Cancer cell 38 (4), 489-499. e3, 2020
Generating Functions for New Families of Combinatorial Numbers and Polynomials: Approach to Poisson–Charlier Polynomials and Probability Distribution Function
I Kucukoglu, B Simsek, Y Simsek
Axioms 8 (4), 112, 2019
An approach to revealing clinically relevant subgroups across the mood spectrum
ML Wallace, B Simsek, DJ Kupfer, HA Swartz, A Fagiolini, E Frank
Journal of affective disorders 203, 265-274, 2016
Application of multilevel analysis in animal sciences
B Simsek, MZ Firat
Applied Mathematics and Computation 218 (3), 1067-1071, 2011
Phase II study of ipilimumab (IPI) in children and adolescents with unresectable stage III or IV malignant melanoma (MEL).
AS Pappo, C Bergeron, L Gore, LS Sender, IJ Dunkel, CE Herzog, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 35 (15_suppl), e21006-e21006, 2017
Status of racial disparities between black and white women undergoing assisted reproductive technology in the US
DB Seifer, B Simsek, E Wantman, AM Kotlyar
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 18 (1), 1-13, 2020
A step towards the automation of intracytoplasmic sperm injection: real time confirmation of mouse and human oocyte penetration and viability by electrical resistance measurement
A Mor, M Zhang, E Esencan, B Simsek, SM Nichols-Burns, Y Liu, J Lo, ...
Fertility and Sterility 113 (1), 234-236, 2020
Persistent widening in racial disparities between black and white women undergoing art over the last 10 years
A Kotlyar, DB Seifer, B Simsek, E Wantman
Fertility and Sterility 112 (3), e20, 2019
Overall survival at 5 years of follow-up from a phase 3 trial comparing ipilimumab 10 mg/kg with 3 mg/kg in patients with advanced melanoma
PA Ascierto, M Del Vecchio, A Mackiewicz, C Robert, V Chiarion-Sileni, ...
Journal of Translational Medicine 17 (1), O23, 2019
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