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Zryan Najat Rashid
Zryan Najat Rashid
Lecturer of at Technical College of Informatics , Sulaimani Polytechnic University/Iraq
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Computer-aided diagnosis system combining FCN and Bi-LSTM model for efficient breast cancer detection from histopathological images
Ü Budak, Z Cömert, ZN Rashid, A Şengür, M Çıbuk
Applied Soft Computing 85, 105765, 2019
Task scheduling algorithms in cloud computing: A review
ZNR , Ibrahim, Ibrahim Mahmood
Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) 12 (4 …, 2021
Distributed cloud computing and distributed parallel computing: A review
ZN Rashid, SRM Zebari, KH Sharif, K Jacksi
2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE …, 2018
A survey of data mining implementation in smart city applications
ZS Ageed, SRM Zeebaree, MM Sadeeq, SF Kak, ZN Rashid, AA Salih, ...
Qubahan Academic Journal 1 (2), 91-99, 2021
A survey of optical fiber communications: challenges and processing time influences
FQ Kareem, SR Zeebaree, HI Dino, MA Sadeeq, ZN Rashid, DA Hasan, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 7 (4), 48-58, 2021
Design and analysis of proposed remote controlling distributed parallel computing system over the cloud
ZN Rashid, SRM Zeebaree, A Shengul
2019 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE …, 2019
Efficiency of malware detection in android system: A survey
MA Omer, SR Zeebaree, MA Sadeeq, BW Salim, SX Mohsin, ZN Rashid, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 7 (4), 59-69, 2021
Study for food recognition system using deep learning
NOM Salim, SRM Zeebaree, MAM Sadeeq, AH Radie, HM Shukur, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1963 (1), 012014, 2021
SQL injection attacks prevention system technology
FQ Kareem, SY Ameen, AA Salih, DM Ahmed, SF Kak, HM Yasin, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 6 (15), 13-32, 2021
Client/Servers clustering effects on CPU execution-time, CPU usage and CPU Idle depending on activities of Parallel-Processing-Technique operations
ZN Rashid, KH Sharif, S Zeebaree
Int. J. Sci. Technol. Res 7 (8), 106-111, 2018
Deep learning approaches for intrusion detection
AA Salih, SY Ameen, SR Zeebaree, MA Sadeeq, SF Kak, N Omar, ...
Asian journal of research in computer science 9 (4), 50-64, 2021
Web server performance improvement using dynamic load balancing techniques: A review
IM Ibrahim, SY Ameen, HM Yasin, N Omar, SF Kak, ZN Rashid, AA Salih, ...
system 19, 21, 2021
Trajectory tracking of differential drive mobile robots using fractional-order proportional-integral-derivative controller design tuned by an enhanced fruit fly optimization
AM Abed, ZN Rashid, F Abedi, SRM Zeebaree, MA Sahib, ...
Measurement and Control 55 (3-4), 209-226, 2022
Cloud-based Parallel Computing System Via Single-Client Multi-Hash Single-Server Multi-Thread
ZN Rashid, SRM Zeebaree, MAM Sadeeq, RR Zebari, HM Shukur, ...
2021 International Conference on Advance of Sustainable Engineering and its …, 2021
Distributed and parallel computing system using single-client multi-hash multi-server multi-thread
ZN Rashid, SRM Zeebaree, RR Zebari, SH Ahmed, HM Shukur, ...
2021 1st Babylon International Conference on Information Technology and …, 2021
Review on natural language processing based on different techniques
DH Maulud, SY Ameen, N Omar, SF Kak, ZN Rashid, HM Yasin, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 10 (1), 1-17, 2021
Web phishing detection using web crawling, cloud infrastructure and deep learning framework
LM Abdulrahman, SH Ahmed, ZN Rashid, YS Jghef, TM Ghazi, UH Jader
Journal of Applied Science and Technology Trends 4 (01), 54-71, 2023
Secure data transfer over internet using image steganography
DM Abdullah, SY Ameen, N Omar, AA Salih, DM Ahmed, SF Kak, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 10, 33-52, 2021
Reliable communications for vehicular networks
HR Ismael, SY Ameen, SF Kak, HM Yasin, IM Ibrahim, AM Ahmed, ...
Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 10 (2), 33-49, 2021
Ultra-Dense Request Impact on Cluster-Based Web Server Performance
OH Jader, SRM Zeebaree, RR Zebari, HM Shukur, ZN Rashid, ...
2021 4th International Iraqi Conference on Engineering Technology and Their …, 2021
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