Claude Sirlin
Claude Sirlin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
AASLD guidelines for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
JK Heimbach, LM Kulik, RS Finn, CB Sirlin, MM Abecassis, LR Roberts, ...
Hepatology 67 (1), 358-380, 2018
Diagnosis, S taging, and M anagement of H epatocellular C arcinoma: 2018 P ractice G uidance by the A merican A ssociation for the S tudy of L iver D iseases
JA Marrero, LM Kulik, CB Sirlin, AX Zhu, RS Finn, MM Abecassis, ...
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Quantitative assessment of liver fat with magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
SB Reeder, I Cruite, G Hamilton, CB Sirlin
Journal of magnetic resonance imaging 34 (4), 729-749, 2011
Decoding global gene expression programs in liver cancer by noninvasive imaging
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Nature biotechnology 25 (6), 675-680, 2007
In vivo characterization of the liver fat 1H MR spectrum
G Hamilton, T Yokoo, M Bydder, I Cruite, ME Schroeder, CB Sirlin, ...
NMR in biomedicine 24 (7), 784-790, 2011
Heritability of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
JB Schwimmer, MA Celedon, JE Lavine, R Salem, N Campbell, ...
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Gut microbiome-based metagenomic signature for non-invasive detection of advanced fibrosis in human nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
EM Brunt, VWS Wong, V Nobili, CP Day, S Sookoian, JJ Maher, ...
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Fatty liver: imaging patterns and pitfalls
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Radiographics 26 (6), 1637-1653, 2006
Quantification of hepatic steatosis with T1-independent, T2*-corrected MR imaging with spectral modeling of fat: blinded comparison with MR spectroscopy
S Meisamy, CDG Hines, G Hamilton, CB Sirlin, CA McKenzie, H Yu, ...
Radiology 258 (3), 767-775, 2011
LI‐RADS (Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System): Summary, discussion, and consensus of the LI‐RADS Management Working Group and future directions
DG Mitchell, J Bruix, M Sherman, CB Sirlin
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Relaxation effects in the quantification of fat using gradient echo imaging
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Magnetic resonance elastography vs transient elastography in detection of fibrosis and noninvasive measurement of steatosis in patients with biopsy-proven nonalcoholic fatty …
CC Park, P Nguyen, C Hernandez, R Bettencourt, K Ramirez, L Fortney, ...
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Magnetic resonance elastography predicts advanced fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a prospective study
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Utility of magnetic resonance imaging versus histology for quantifying changes in liver fat in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease trials
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: MR imaging of liver proton density fat fraction to assess hepatic steatosis
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Gadoxetate disodium–enhanced MRI of the liver: part 1, protocol optimization and lesion appearance in the noncirrhotic liver
KI Ringe, DB Husarik, CB Sirlin, EM Merkle
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SAFETY study: alanine aminotransferase cutoff values are set too high for reliable detection of pediatric chronic liver disease
JB Schwimmer, W Dunn, GJ Norman, PE Pardee, MS Middleton, N Kerkar, ...
Gastroenterology 138 (4), 1357-1364. e2, 2010
Advances in pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
R Loomba, CB Sirlin, JB Schwimmer, JE Lavine
Hepatology 50 (4), 1282-1293, 2009
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Diagnostic and Fat-Grading Accuracy of Low-Flip-Angle Multiecho Gradient-Recalled-Echo MR Imaging at 1.5 T1
T Yokoo, M Bydder, G Hamilton, MS Middleton, AC Gamst, T Wolfson, ...
Radiology 251 (1), 67-76, 2009
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