Alys Clark
Alys Clark
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Blood flow redistribution and ventilation-perfusion mismatch during embolic pulmonary arterial occlusion
KS Burrowes, AR Clark, MH Tawhai
Pulmonary circulation 1 (3), 365-376, 2011
A computational model of the topographic distribution of ventilation in healthy human lungs
AJ Swan, AR Clark, MH Tawhai
Journal of theoretical biology 300, 222-231, 2012
Mathematical modelling of oxygen concentration in bovine and murine cumulus–oocyte complexes
AR Clark, YM Stokes, M Lane, JG Thompson
Reproduction 131 (6), 999-1006, 2006
The interdependent contributions of gravitational and structural features to perfusion distribution in a multiscale model of the pulmonary circulation
AR Clark, MH Tawhai, EA Hoffman, KS Burrowes
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Multiscale modelling of the feto–placental vasculature
AR Clark, M Lin, M Tawhai, R Saghian, JL James
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Contribution of serial and parallel microperfusion to spatial variability in pulmonary inter-and intra-acinar blood flow
AR Clark, KS Burrowes, MH Tawhai
Journal of applied physiology 108 (5), 1116-1126, 2010
Computational models of the pulmonary circulation: insights and the move towards clinically directed studies
MH Tawhai, AR Clark, KS Burrowes
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Trophoblast plugs: impact on utero-placental haemodynamics and spiral artery remodelling
JL James, R Saghian, R Perwick, AR Clark
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Pulmonary embolism: predicting disease severity
KS Burrowes, AR Clark, A Marcinkowski, ML Wilsher, DG Milne, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2011
Lack of functional information explains the poor performance of ‘clot load scores’ at predicting outcome in acute pulmonary embolism
AR Clark, D Milne, M Wilsher, KS Burrowes, M Bajaj, MH Tawhai
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A multiscale model of placental oxygen exchange: The effect of villous tree structure on exchange efficiency
M Lin, B Mauroy, JL James, MH Tawhai, AR Clark
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Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction as a contributor to response in acute pulmonary embolism
KS Burrowes, AR Clark, ML Wilsher, DG Milne, MH Tawhai
Annals of biomedical engineering 42 (8), 1631-1643, 2014
Understanding abnormal uterine artery Doppler waveforms: a novel computational model to explore potential causes within the utero-placental vasculature
AR Clark, JL James, GN Stevenson, SL Collins
Placenta 66, 74-81, 2018
Follicle structure influences the availability of oxygen to the oocyte in antral follicles
AR Clark, YM Stokes
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Feeding your baby in utero: how the uteroplacental circulation impacts pregnancy
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Comparison of generic and subject-specific models for simulation of pulmonary perfusion and forced expiration
KL Hedges, AR Clark, MH Tawhai
Interface focus 5 (2), 20140090, 2015
Estimation of glucose uptake by ovarian follicular cells
AR Clark, YM Stokes, JG Thompson
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Computational Modeling of Airway and Pulmonary Vascular Structure and Function: Development of a" Lung Physiome"
M Tawhai, AR Clark, GM Donovan, KS Burrowes
Critical Reviews™ in Biomedical Engineering 39 (4), 2011
The impact of micro-embolism size on haemodynamic changes in the pulmonary micro-circulation
AR Clark, KS Burrowes, MH Tawhai
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MDCT-based quantification of porcine pulmonary arterial morphometry and self-similarity of arterial branching geometry
YC Lee, AR Clark, MK Fuld, S Haynes, AA Divekar, EA Hoffman, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 114 (9), 1191-1201, 2013
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