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Dr. Samina Sabir
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Institutions and FDI: evidence from developed and developing countries
S Sabir, A Rafique, K Abbas
Financial Innovation 5 (1), 1-20, 2019
The impact of globalization on ecological footprint: empirical evidence from the South Asian countries
S Sabir, MS Gorus
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26, 33387-33398, 2019
FDI and environmental degradation: the role of political institutions in South Asian countries
S Sabir, U Qayyum, T Majeed
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 32544-32553, 2020
Armed conflict, militarization and ecological footprint: Empirical evidence from South Asia
U Qayyum, S Anjum, S Sabir
Journal of cleaner production 281, 125299, 2021
Impact of political stability and human capital on foreign direct investment in East Asia & Pacific and south Asian countries
S Sabir, A Khan
Asian Journal of Economic Modelling 6 (3), 245-256, 2018
Fiscal policy, institutions and inclusive growth: evidence from the developing Asian countries
S Sabir, M Qamar
International Journal of Social Economics 46 (6), 822-837, 2019
Religion and economic development: new insights
U Qayyum, S Anjum, S Sabir
Empirica 47, 793-834, 2020
Urbanization, informal economy, and ecological footprint quality in South Asia
U Qayyum, S Sabir, S Anjum
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 67011-67021, 2021
Addressing the challenges of COVID‐19 pandemic outbreak: Pakistan's preparations and response
MS Meo, S Sabir, IS Chaudhry, S Batool, F Farooq
Journal of Public Affairs 21 (4), e2430, 2021
Financial inclusion and economic growth: empirical evidence from selected developing economies
N ul Ain, S Sabir, N Asghar
Review of Economics and Development Studies 6 (1), 179-203, 2020
Corruption, political instability, and environmental degradation in South Asia: A comparative analysis of carbon footprint and ecological footprint
K Asif, S Sabir, U Qayyum
Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 1-25, 2023
Financial development, technology and economic development: the role of institutions in developing countries
S Sabir, R Latif, U Qayyum, K Abass
Annals of financial Economics 14 (03), 1950012, 2019
Impact of health and education on income inequality: Evidence from selected developing countries
S Sabir, N Aziz
Business and Economic Review 10 (4), 83-101, 2018
Environmental quality and output volatility: the case of South Asian economies
MT Majeed, M Mazhar, S Sabir
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 31276-31288, 2021
Impact of economic and social infrastructure on the long-run economic growth of Pakistan
S Sabir, M Shamshir
Sustainable water resources management 6, 1-16, 2020
Privatization and profit efficiency: evidence from commercial banks of Pakistan
S Sabir, A Qayyum
Journal of Asian Business Strategy 8 (1), 1, 2018
Estimating the effect of technological innovations on environmental degradation: empirical evidence from selected ASEAN and SAARC countries
TA Kiani, S Sabir, U Qayyum, S Anjum
Environment, Development and Sustainability 25 (7), 6529-6550, 2023
Competition in the Banking Sector of Pakistan: Evidence from Unscaled and Scaled Revenue Equations1
S Sabir, A Qayyum
Journal of Economic Cooperation & Development 39 (1), 19-37, 2018
Macroeconomic policies and business cycle: the role of institutions in selected SAARC countries
S Sabir, K Zahid
The Pakistan Development Review, 147-158, 2012
Technology and economic growth: role of financial development in South Asian countries
IS Chaudhry, S Sabir, F Gulzar
Review of Economics and Development Studies 5 (2), 323-332, 2019
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