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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Introduction to optimization
Y Eren, İB Küçükdemiral, İ Üstoğlu
Optimization in renewable energy systems, 27-74, 2017
Designing control systems using exact and symbolic manipulations of formulae
MT Söylemez, İ Üstoğlu
International Journal of Control 79 (11), 1418-1430, 2006
Specification and formal verification of safety properties in a point automation system
İ ŞENER, ÖT KAYMAKÇI, İ Üstoğlu, G Cansever
Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 24 (3), 1384-1396, 2016
Modular fault diagnosis in fixed-block railway signaling systems
MS Durmus, İ Ustoglu, RY Tsarev, M Schwarz
IFAC-PapersOnLine 49 (3), 459-464, 2016
Polynomial control systems
MT Soeylemez, IÜ GLU
IEEE Control Systems Magazine 27 (4), 124-137, 2007
Chapter 2—Introduction to optimization
Y Eren, İB Küçükdemiral, İ Üstoğlu
Optimization in Renewable Energy Systems; Erdinç, O., Ed.; Butterworth …, 2017
Analytical modeling of dual winding surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machine for hybrid electric vehicle accessory drive systems
M Tezcan, E Mese, I Ustoglu, M Ayaz
Electric Power Components and Systems 45 (12), 1353-1369, 2017
Reliability assessment of fire safety systems in railway industry: a case study
OT Kaymakci, I Ustoglu, E Divriklioglu
Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 38 (3), 286-296, 2015
A local modular supervisory controller for a real signalling system
ÖT Kaymakçı, İ Üstoğlu, VG Anık
Proc. of the 5th IET International System Safety Conference, 1-6, 2010
SIL Attachment Paradigm from the Perspective of Quantitative Hazard Rates
EH Dogruguven, I Ustoglu
IFAC-PapersOnLine 51 (9), 112-117, 2018
Topology based automatic formal model generation for point automation systems
MAN Oz, I Sener, OT Kaymakci, I Ustoglu, G Cansever
Information Technology And Control 44 (1), 98-111, 2015
Effects of varying diagnostic coverage on functional safety
İ Üstoğlu, ÖT Kaymakçı, J Börcsök
2014 International Symposium on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering …, 2014
Hot box detection system design for railway vehicle safety
G Garip, I Ustoglu, TV Mumcu, OT Kaymakci
5th International Conference on Design and Product Development, 31-36, 2014
The relationship between diagnostic coverage and proof test interval for 1oo2 and 1oo2D architectures
J Börcsök
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 45 (24), 181-184, 2012
The functional safety calculation of a real interlocking system in Turkey
VG Anik, I Ustoglu, OT Kaymakci
2011 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, 71-76, 2011
H∞-based model following method in autolanding systems
K Tamkaya, L Ucun, I Ustoglu
Aerospace Science and Technology 94, 105379, 2019
Classification of voting algorithms for N-version software
RY Tsarev, MS Durmuş, I Üstoglu, VA Morozov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1015 (4), 042060, 2018
Application of majority voting and consensus voting algorithms in N-version software
RY Tsarev, MS Durmuş, I Üstoglu, VA Morozov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1015 (4), 042059, 2018
Enhanced V-model
MS Durmuş, İ Üstoğlu, RY Tsarev, J Börcsök
Stabilizing constant controllers for two-input, two-output systems with reducible and irreducible characteristic equations
İ Üstoğlu, Y Eren, MT Söylemez
Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control 39 (12), 1777-1784, 2017
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