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Rachel Heath
Rachel Heath
Associate Professor of Economics, University of Washington
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Manufacturing growth and the lives of Bangladeshi women
R Heath, AM Mobarak
Journal of development Economics 115, 1-15, 2015
Women’s access to labor market opportunities, control of household resources, and domestic violence: Evidence from Bangladesh
R Heath
World Development 57, 32-46, 2014
The causes and consequences of increased female education and labor force participation in developing countries
R Heath, S Jayachandran
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2016
Why do firms hire using referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories
R Heath
Yale University, 2011
The causal effect of maternal age at marriage on child wellbeing: Evidence from India
AV Chari, R Heath, A Maertens, F Fatima
Journal of Development Economics 127, 42-55, 2017
Intrahousehold bargaining, female autonomy, and labor supply: Theory and evidence from India
R Heath, X Tan
Journal of the European Economic Association 18 (4), 1928-1968, 2020
Cash transfers, polygamy, and intimate partner violence: Experimental evidence from Mali
R Heath, M Hidrobo, S Roy
Journal of Development Economics 143, 102410, 2020
Fertility at work: Children and women's labor market outcomes in urban Ghana
R Heath
Journal of Development Economics 126, 190-214, 2017
Bridging the gender gap: identifying what is holding self-employed women back in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Republic of Congo
E Nix, E Gamberoni, R Heath
The World Bank Economic Review 30 (3), 501-521, 2016
Measuring Employment: Experimental Evidence from Urban Ghana
R Heath, G Mansuri, B Rijkers, W Seitz, D Sharma
The World Bank Economic Review 35 (3), 635-651, 2021
The effects of international scrutiny on manufacturing workers: Evidence from the rana plaza collapse in bangladesh
L Bossavie, Y Cho, R Heath
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2019
Worth fighting for: daughters improve their mothers' autonomy in South Asia
R Heath, X Tan
Journal of Development Economics 135, 255-271, 2018
Migrants, information, and working conditions in Bangladeshi garment factories
L Boudreau, R Heath, T McCormick
Working Paper, Columbia University, 2020
Women empowerment programs and intimate partner violence
M Angelucci, R Heath
AEA Papers and Proceedings 110, 610-14, 2020
Labor Supply Responses to Health Shocks Evidence from High-Frequency Labor Market Data from Urban Ghana
R Heath, G Mansuri, B Rijkers
Journal of Human Resources 57 (1), 143-177, 2022
Estimating spillovers using imprecisely measured networks
M Hardy, RM Heath, W Lee, TH McCormick
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.00136, 2019
Migrants, Experience, and Working Conditions in Bangladeshi Garment Factories
R Heath, L Boudreau, T McCormick
Available at SSRN 4067206, 2022
Measuring Employment
R Heath, G Mansuri, B Rijkers, W Seitz, D Sharma
World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020
Women’s Job Opportunities and Marriage Quality
J Chatterjee, RM Heath
Labor Supply Responses to Health Shocks
R Heath, G Mansuri, B Rijkers
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2019
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