Zhi-Hong Deng
Zhi-Hong Deng
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Overview of Ontology
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The SPMF open-source data mining library version 2
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Joint European conference on machine learning and knowledge discovery in …, 2016
Rotate: Knowledge graph embedding by relational rotation in complex space
Z Sun, ZH Deng, JY Nie, J Tang
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A study of supervised term weighting scheme for sentiment analysis
ZH Deng, KH Luo, HL Yu
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A new algorithm for fast mining frequent itemsets using N-lists
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Fast mining frequent itemsets using Nodesets
ZH Deng, SL Lv
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (10), 4505-4512, 2014
PrePost+: An efficient N-lists-based algorithm for mining frequent itemsets via Children–Parent Equivalence pruning
ZH Deng, SL Lv
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A comparative study on feature weight in text categorization
ZH Deng, SW Tang, DQ Yang, MZLY Li, KQ Xie
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Inter-weighted alignment network for sentence pair modeling
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A new fast vertical method for mining frequent patterns
Z Deng, Z Wang
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DiffNodesets: An efficient structure for fast mining frequent itemsets
ZH Deng
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邓志鸿, 唐世渭, 杨冬青
计算机应用 22 (1), 15-18, 2002
Fast mining erasable itemsets using NC_sets
ZH Deng, XR Xu
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Multi-document summarization based on two-level sparse representation model
H Liu, H Yu, ZH Deng
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Mining erasable itemsets
ZH Deng, GD Fang, ZH Wang, XR Xu
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Fast mining top-rank-k frequent patterns by using node-lists
ZH Deng
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A novel clustering-based RSS aggregator
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Metadata extraction from bibliographies using bigram HMM
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Mining frequent patterns from network flows for monitoring network
X Li, ZH Deng
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