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Hakan Bilhan, Dr. med. dent.
Hakan Bilhan, Dr. med. dent.
Clinician - Author - Lecturer - Scientist - Speaker
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Complication rates and patient satisfaction with removable dentures
H Bilhan, O Erdogan, S Ergin, M Celik, G Ates, O Geckili
The journal of advanced prosthodontics 4 (2), 109, 2012
Influence of surgical technique, implant shape and diameter on the primary stability in cancellous bone
H Bilhan, O Geçkili, E Mumcu, E Bozdag, E Sünbüloğlu, O Kutay
Journal of oral rehabilitation 37 (12), 900-907, 2010
The role of Candida albicans hyphae and Lactobacillus in denture-related stomatitis
H Bilhan, T Sulun, G Erkose, H Kurt, Z Erturan, O Kutay, T Bilgin
Clinical oral investigations 13, 363-368, 2009
Evaluation of satisfaction and complications in patients with existing complete dentures
H Bilhan, O Geckili, S Ergin, O Erdogan, G Ates
Journal of oral science 55 (1), 29-37, 2013
Evaluation of possible prognostic factors for the success, survival, and failure of dental implants
O Geckili, H Bilhan, E Geckili, A Cilingir, E Mumcu, C Bural
Implant dentistry 23 (1), 44-50, 2014
Comparison of patient satisfaction, quality of life, and bite force between elderly edentulous patients wearing mandibular two implant‐supported overdentures and conventional …
O Geckili, H Bilhan, E Mumcu, C Dayan, A Yabul, N Tuncer
Special Care in Dentistry 32 (4), 136-141, 2012
Effect of attachment types and number of implants supporting mandibular overdentures on stress distribution: a computed tomography-based 3D finite element analysis
SA Bilhan, C Baykasoglu, H Bilhan, O Kutay, A Mugan
Journal of biomechanics 48 (1), 130-137, 2015
The effect of attachment type and implant number on satisfaction and quality of life of mandibular implant‐retained overdenture wearers
E Mumcu, H Bilhan, O Geckili
Gerodontology 29 (2), e618-e623, 2012
A quality-of-life comparison between self-aligning and ball attachment systems for 2-implant–retained mandibular overdentures
H Bilhan, O Geckili, T Sulun, T Bilgin
Journal of Oral Implantology 37 (sp1), 167-173, 2011
Marginal bone loss around implants supporting fixed restorations
E Mumcu, H Bilhan, A Cekici
Journal of Oral Implantology 37 (5), 549-558, 2011
Impact of mandibular two-implant retained overdentures on life quality in a group of elderly Turkish edentulous patients
O Geckili, H Bilhan, T Bilgin
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics 53 (2), 233-236, 2011
Maintenance requirements associated with mandibular implant overdentures: clinical results after first year of service
H Bilhan, O Geckili, E Mumcu, C Bilmenoglu
Journal of Oral Implantology 37 (6), 697-704, 2011
A 24-week prospective study comparing the stability of titanium dioxide grit-blasted dental implants with and without fluoride treatment.
O Geckili, H Bilhan, T Bilgin
International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 24 (4), 2009
The comparison of marginal bone loss around mandibular overdenture‐supporting implants with two different attachment types in a loading period of 36 months
H Bilhan, E Mumcu, S Arat
Gerodontology 28 (1), 49-57, 2011
Radiographic evaluation of narrow-diameter implants after 5 years of clinical function: a retrospective study
O Geckili, E Mumcu, H Bilhan
Journal of Oral Implantology 39 (S1), 273-279, 2013
Clinical and radiographic evaluation of three-implant--retained mandibular overdentures: A 3-year retrospective study.
O Geckili, H Bilhan, E Mumcu
Quintessence International 42 (9), 2011
An alternative method to treat a case with severe maxillary atrophy by the use of angled implants instead of complicated augmentation procedures: a case report
H Bilhan
Journal of Oral Implantology 34 (1), 47-51, 2008
The evaluation of the reliability of Periotest for implant stability measurements: an in vitro study
H Bilhan, A Cilingir, C Bural, C Bilmenoglu, O Sakar, O Geckili
Journal of Oral Implantology 41 (4), e90-e95, 2015
Astra Tech, Brånemark, and ITI implants in the rehabilitation of partial edentulism: two-year results
H Bilhan, O Kutay, S Arat, A Cekici, MC Cehreli
Implant Dentistry 19 (5), 437-446, 2010
Locator Attachments as an Alternative to Ball Attachments in 2-Implant Retained Mandibular Overdentures.
O Geckili, H Bilhan, T Bilgin
Journal of the Canadian Dental Association 73 (8), 2007
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