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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A hierarchical controller for miniature VTOL UAVs: Design and stability analysis using singular perturbation theory
S Bertrand, N Guénard, T Hamel, H Piet-Lahanier, L Eck
Control Engineering Practice 19 (10), 1099-1108, 2011
Stability analysis of an uav controller using singular perturbation theory
S Bertrand, T Hamel, H Piet-Lahanier
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 41 (2), 5706-5711, 2008
Model predictive control of cooperative vehicles using systematic search approach
Y Rochefort, H Piet-Lahanier, S Bertrand, D Beauvois, D Dumur
Control Engineering Practice 32, 204-217, 2014
Ground risk assessment for long-range inspection missions of railways by UAVs
S Bertrand, N Raballand, F Viguier, F Muller
2017 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 1343-1351, 2017
MPC strategies for cooperative guidance of autonomous vehicles
S Bertrand, J Marzat, H Piet-Lahanier, A Kahn, Y Rochefort
AerospaceLab, 1-18, 2014
Attitude tracking of rigid bodies on the special orthogonal group with bounded partial state feedback
S Bertrand, T Hamel, H Piet-Lahanier, R Mahony
Proceedings of the 48h IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) held …, 2009
Guidance of flocks of vehicles using virtual signposts
Y Rochefort, H Piet-Lahanier, S Bertrand, D Beauvois, D Dumur
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 44 (1), 5999-6004, 2011
Stabilization of a small unmanned aerial vehicle model without velocity measurement
S Bertrand, T Hamel, H Piet-Lahanier
Proceedings 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation …, 2007
Reactive MPC for autonomous MAV navigation in indoor cluttered environments: Flight experiments
J Marzat, S Bertrand, A Eudes, M Sanfourche, J Moras
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 15996-16002, 2017
New state estimators and communication protocol for distributed event-triggered consensus of linear multi-agent systems with bounded perturbations
C Viel, S Bertrand, K Michel, PL Helene
IET Control Theory & Applications 11 (11), 1736-1748, 2017
Performance improvement of an adaptive controller using model predictive control: Application to an uav model
S Bertrand, T Hamel, H Piet-Lahanier
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 39 (16), 770-775, 2006
Autonomous and safe inspection of an industrial warehouse by a multi-rotor MAV
A Eudes, J Marzat, M Sanfourche, J Moras, S Bertrand
Field and Service Robotics, 221-235, 2018
Optimization method for mission analysis of aeroassisted orbital transfer vehicles
N Bérend, S Bertrand, C Jolly
Aerospace science and technology 11 (5), 432-441, 2007
Contractive model predictive control of an unmanned aerial vehicle model
S Bertrand, H Piet-Lahanier, T Hamel
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 40 (7), 450-455, 2007
Design and parameter tuning of a robust model predictive controller for UAVs
N Michel, S Bertrand, G Valmorbida, S Olaru, D Dumur
Ifac World Congress 2017, 2017
Cooperative nonlinear model predictive control for flocks of vehicles
Y Rochefort, S Bertrand, H Piet-Lahanier, D Beauvois, D Dumur
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 45 (1), 169-174, 2012
Commande de drone miniature à voilure tournante
S Bertrand
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, 2007
Model predictive control for autonomous navigation using embedded graphics processing unit
DK Phung, B Hérissé, J Marzat, S Bertrand
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 11883-11888, 2017
New state estimator for decentralized event-triggered consensus for multi-agent systems
C Viel, S Bertrand, H Piet-Lahanier, M Kieffer
IFAC-PapersOnLine 49 (5), 365-370, 2016
Short and long term efficiencies of debris risk reduction measures: Application to a European LEO mission
T Lang, R Kervarc, S Bertrand, P Carle, T Donath, R Destefanis, L Grassi, ...
Advances in Space Research 55 (1), 282-296, 2015
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