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Lina Mohjazi, SMIEEE, FWES, FRET
Lina Mohjazi, SMIEEE, FWES, FRET
Assistant Professor, University of Glasgow, UK
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A Prospective Look: Key Enabling Technologies, Applications and Open Research Topics in 6G Networks
L Bariah, L Mohjazi, S Muhaidat, PC Sofotasios, GK Kurt, ...
IEEE Access 6, 174792 - 174820, 2020
RF-powered cognitive radio networks: Technical challenges and limitations
L Mohjazi, M Dianati, GK Karagiannidis, S Muhaidat, M Al-Qutayri
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (4), 94-100, 2015
LiFi through reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: A new frontier for 6G?
H Abumarshoud, L Mohjazi, OA Dobre, M Di Renzo, MA Imran, H Haas
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 17 (1), 37-46, 2021
Edge-native intelligence for 6G communications driven by federated learning: A survey of trends and challenges
M Al-Quraan, L Mohjazi, L Bariah, A Centeno, A Zoha, K Arshad, ...
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 7 (3 …, 2023
Comprehensive review on ML-based RIS-enhanced IoT systems: basics, research progress and future challenges
SK Das, F Benkhelifa, Y Sun, H Abumarshoud, QH Abbasi, MA Imran, ...
Computer Networks 224, 109581, 2023
Energy detection of unknown signals over cascaded fading channels
PC Sofotasios, L Mohjazi, S Muhaidat, M Al-Qutayri, GK Karagiannidis
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 15, 135-138, 2015
Downlink beamforming for SWIPT multi-user MISO underlay cognitive radio networks
L Mohjazi, I Ahmed, S Muhaidat, M Dianati, M Al-Qutayri
IEEE Communications Letters 21 (2), 434-437, 2016
Deployment challenges of femtocells in future indoor wireless networks
L Mohjazi, M Al-Qutayri, H Barada, K Poon, R Shubair
2011 IEEE GCC Conference and Exhibition (GCC), 405-408, 2011
A survey on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: Wireless communication perspective
S Hassouna, MA Jamshed, J Rains, JR Kazim, MU Rehman, ...
IET Communications 17 (5), 497-537, 2023
Performance analysis of SWIPT relay networks with noncoherent modulation
L Mohjazi, S Muhaidat, M Dianati, M Al-Qutayri
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking 2 (4), 1072-1086, 2018
Performance analysis of differential modulation in SWIPT cooperative networks
L Mohjazi, S Muhaidat, M Dianati
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 23 (5), 620-624, 2016
Blockchain-assisted UAV communication systems: A comprehensive survey
S Hafeez, AR Khan, MM Al-Quraan, L Mohjazi, A Zoha, MA Imran, Y Sun
IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology 4, 558-580, 2023
Self‐Optimization of Pilot Power in Enterprise Femtocells Using Multi objective Heuristic
LS Mohjazi, MA Al-Qutayri, HR Barada, KF Poon, RM Shubair
Journal of Computer Networks and Communications 2012 (1), 303465, 2012
Urllc in beyond 5g and 6g networks: An interference management perspective
MUA Siddiqui, H Abumarshoud, L Bariah, S Muhaidat, MA Imran, ...
IEEe Access 11, 54639-54663, 2023
Battery recharging time models for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces-assisted wireless power transfer systems
L Mohjazi, S Muhaidat, QH Abbasi, MA Imran, OA Dobre, M Di Renzo
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking 6 (2), 1173-1185, 2021
An Outlook on the Interplay of Machine Learning and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: An Overview of Opportunities and Limitations
L Mohjazi, A Zoha, L Bariah, S Muhaidat, P Sofotasios, MA Imran, ...
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 15 (4), 62 - 73, 2020
Femtocell coverage optimization using genetic algorithm
L Mohjazi, M Al-Qutayri, H Barada, K Poon
2011 Technical Symposium at ITU Telecom World (ITU WT), 159-164, 2011
Smart and secure CAV networks empowered by AI-enabled blockchain: The next frontier for intelligent safe driving assessment
L Xia, Y Sun, R Swash, L Mohjazi, L Zhang, MA Imran
IEEE Network 36 (1), 197-204, 2022
Intelligent beam blockage prediction for seamless connectivity in vision-aided next-generation wireless networks
MM Al-Quraan, AR Khan, L Mohjazi, A Centeno, A Zoha, MA Imran
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 20 (2), 1937-1948, 2022
RIS-assisted space-air-ground integrated networks: New horizons for flexible access and connectivity
L Bariah, L Mohjazi, H Abumarshoud, B Selim, S Muhaidat, M Tatipamula, ...
IEEE Network 37 (3), 118-125, 2022
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