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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Measuring the impact of natural disasters on capital markets: an empirical application using intervention analysis
A Worthington*, A Valadkhani
Applied Economics 36 (19), 2177-2186, 2004
Dynamic linkages between Thai and international stock markets
A Valadkhani, S Chancharat
Journal of Economic Studies, 2008
Ranking and clustering Australian university research performance, 1998–2002
A Valadkhani, A Worthington
Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 28 (2), 189-210, 2006
Assessing the impact of changes in petroleum prices on inflation and household expenditures in Australia
A Valadkhani, WF Mitchell
Australian Economic Review 35 (2), 122-132, 2002
History of macroeconometric modelling: lessons from past experience
A Valadkhani
Journal of Policy Modeling 26 (2), 265-281, 2004
Long-and short-run determinants of the demand for money in the Asian-Pacific countries: an empirical panel investigation
A Valadkhani
Analyzing the efficiency performance of major Australian mining companies using bootstrap data envelopment analysis
A Hosseinzadeh, R Smyth, A Valadkhani, V Le
Economic Modelling 57, 26-35, 2016
A factor analysis of international portfolio diversification
A Valadkhani, S Chancharat, C Harvie
Studies in Economics and Finance, 2008
Financial crises and international stock market volatility transmission
I Karunanayake, A Valadkhani, M O'brien
Australian Economic Papers 49 (3), 209-221, 2010
The causes of unemployment in Iran: An empirical investigation
A Valadkhani
Quantifying the effect of the GST on inflation in Australia's capital cities: An intervention analysis
A Valadkhani, AP Layton
Australian Economic Review 37 (2), 125-138, 2004
Does income inequality hinder economic growth? New evidence using Australian taxation statistics
T Kennedy, R Smyth, A Valadkhani, G Chen
Economic Modelling 65, 119-128, 2017
Dating the timeline of house price bubbles in Australian capital cities
S Shi, A Valadkhani, R Smyth, F Vahid
Economic Record 92 (299), 590-605, 2016
Analysing productivity changes using the bootstrapped Malmquist approach: The case of the Iranian Banking Industry
A Arjomandi, A Valadkhani, C Harvie
Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal 5 (3), 35-56, 2011
A multiplicative environmental DEA approach to measure efficiency changes in the world's major polluters
A Valadkhani, I Roshdi, R Smyth
Energy Economics 54, 363-375, 2016
Using input-output analysis to identify Australia's high employment generating industries
A Valadkhani
Australian Bulletin of Labour 29 (3), 199-217, 2003
Do petrol prices rise faster than they fall when the market shows significant disequilibria?
A Valadkhani
Energy Economics 39, 66-80, 2013
An empirical analysis of Iran's banking performance
A Arjomandi, C Harvie, A Valadkhani
Studies in Economics and Finance, 2012
Analysing banks’ intermediation and operational performance using the Hicks–Moorsteen TFP index: The case of Iran
A Arjomandi, A Valadkhani, M O’Brien
Research in International Business and Finance 30, 111-125, 2014
The influence of international stock markets and macroeconomic variables on the Thai stock market
S Chancharat, A Valadkhani, C Harvie
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