Tiffany Ko, PhD
Tiffany Ko, PhD
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Fast blood flow monitoring in deep tissues with real-time software correlators
D Wang, AB Parthasarathy, WB Baker, K Gannon, V Kavuri, T Ko, ...
Biomedical optics express 7 (3), 776-797, 2016
High-performance quantum cascade lasers: Optimized design through waveguide and thermal modeling
SS Howard, Z Liu, D Wasserman, AJ Hoffman, TS Ko, CF Gmachl
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Pressure modulation algorithm to separate cerebral hemodynamic signals from extracerebral artifacts
WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, TS Ko, DR Busch, K Abramson, SY Tzeng, ...
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Preoperative cerebral hemodynamics from birth to surgery in neonates with critical congenital heart disease
JM Lynch, T Ko, DR Busch, JJ Newland, ME Winters, K Mensah-Brown, ...
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery 156 (4), 1657-1664, 2018
Cerebral blood flow response to hypercapnia in children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
DR Busch, JM Lynch, ME Winters, AL McCarthy, JJ Newland, T Ko, ...
Sleep 39 (1), 209-216, 2016
Calibration of diffuse correlation spectroscopy blood flow index with venous-occlusion diffuse optical spectroscopy in skeletal muscle
Z Li, WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, TS Ko, D Wang, S Schenkel, ...
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Cerebral mitochondrial dysfunction associated with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest in neonatal swine
CD Mavroudis, M Karlsson, T Ko, M Hefti, JI Gentile, RW Morgan, R Plyler, ...
European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 54 (1), 162-168, 2018
Hemodynamic-directed cardiopulmonary resuscitation improves neurologic outcomes and mitochondrial function in the heart and brain
AJ Lautz, RW Morgan, M Karlsson, CD Mavroudis, TS Ko, DJ Licht, ...
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Scoring system for periventricular leukomalacia in infants with congenital heart disease
AL McCarthy, ME Winters, DR Busch, E Gonzalez-Giraldo, TS Ko, ...
Pediatric research 78 (3), 304-309, 2015
Non-invasive optical neuromonitoring of the temperature-dependence of cerebral oxygen metabolism during deep hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass in neonatal swine
TS Ko, CD Mavroudis, WB Baker, VC Morano, K Mensah-Brown, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 40 (1), 187-203, 2020
Electroencephalographic response to deep hypothermic circulatory arrest in neonatal swine and humans
CD Mavroudis, KG Mensah-Brown, TS Ko, TW Boorady, SL Massey, ...
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Investigations of cerebral hemodynamics in infants with critical congenital heart disease using diffuse optics
JM Lynch
Noninvasive optical measurement of microvascular cerebral hemodynamics and autoregulation in the neonatal ECMO patient.
DR Busch, WB Baker, CD Mavroudis, TS Ko, JM Lynch, AL McCarthy, ...
Pediatric Research, 2020
Optical Quantification of Placenta Oxygenation with Ultrasound Integrated Frequency-Domain NIRS
L Wang, T Ko, L He, V Kavuri, A Parthasarathy, W Baker, D Busch, ...
Clinical and Translational Biophotonics, CF3B. 2, 2018
Decreasing cerebral tissue oxygen saturation during deep hypothermic circulatory arrest
JM Lynch, CD Mavroudis, T Ko, K Mensah-Brown, DR Busch, ...
Blood flow response to orthostatic challenges in health and diseased populations
DR Busch, C Gregori-Pla, I Blanco, M Giovannella, C Favilla, JM Lynch, ...
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Development of a quantum cascade laser-based sensor for non-invasive CO2 monitoring
APM Michel, TP Chen, TS Ko, NV Raj, ME Inyang, BT Bosworth, ...
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Epinephrine’s effects on cerebrovascular and systemic hemodynamics during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CD Mavroudis, TS Ko, RW Morgan, LE Volk, WP Landis, B Smood, R Xiao, ...
Critical Care 24 (1), 1-13, 2020
The Physiologic Response to Rescue Therapy with Vasopressin versus Epinephrine during Experimental Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
J Slovis, R Morgan, W Landis, AL Roberts, C Mavroudis, Y Lin, T Ko, ...
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