Anthony Halog
Anthony Halog
Academic Staff in Indust. Sustain./Env. Mgt, UQ/School of Earth & Environmental Sciences üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Consequential life cycle assessment: a review
JM Earles, A Halog
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 16 (5), 445-453, 2011
Advancing integrated systems modelling framework for life cycle sustainability assessment
A Halog, Y Manik
Sustainability 3 (2), 469-499, 2011
Social life cycle assessment of palm oil biodiesel: a case study in Jambi Province of Indonesia
Y Manik, J Leahy, A Halog
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18 (7), 1386-1392, 2013
Systems thinking for life cycle sustainability assessment: A review of recent developments, applications, and future perspectives
NC Onat, M Kucukvar, A Halog, S Cloutier
Sustainability 9 (5), 706, 2017
Developing strategies for managing construction and demolition wastes in Malaysia based on the concept of circular economy
MR Esa, A Halog, L Rigamonti
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 19 (3), 1144-1154, 2017
Using quality function deployment for technique selection for optimum environmental performance improvement
A Halog, F Schultmann, O Rentz
Journal of Cleaner Production 9 (5), 387-394, 2001
Strategies for minimizing construction and demolition wastes in Malaysia
MR Esa, A Halog, L Rigamonti
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 120, 219-229, 2017
Effective carbon emission reductions from using upgraded fly ash in the cement industry
J Vargas, A Halog
Journal of Cleaner Production 103, 948-959, 2015
Towards a circular economy in Australian agri‐food industry: an application of input‐output oriented approaches for analyzing resource efficiency and competitiveness potential
M Pagotto, A Halog
Journal of Industrial Ecology 20 (5), 1176-1186, 2016
Attributional life cycle assessment of woodchips for bioethanol production
B Neupane, A Halog, S Dhungel
Journal of Cleaner Production 19 (6-7), 733-741, 2011
Integrated economic equilibrium and life cycle assessment modeling for policy‐based consequential LCA
JM Earles, A Halog, P Ince, K Skog
Journal of Industrial Ecology 17 (3), 375-384, 2013
Solar photovoltaic development in Australia—a life cycle sustainability assessment study
M Yu, A Halog
Sustainability 7 (2), 1213-1247, 2015
Agent-based modelling simulation for the development of an industrial symbiosis-preliminary results
N Bichraoui, B Guillaume, A Halog
Procedia Environmental Sciences 17, 195-204, 2013
Renewable energy projections for climate change mitigation: An analysis of uncertainty and errors
MI al Irsyad, A Halog, R Nepal
Renewable energy 130, 536-546, 2019
A meta‐analytic review of life cycle assessment and flow analyses studies of palm oil biodiesel
Y Manik, A Halog
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Modelling the transition toward urban sustainability: a case study of the industrial city of Jinchang, China
Y Li, RJS Beeton, T Sigler, A Halog
Journal of Cleaner Production 134, 22-30, 2016
Evaluating urban sustainability potential based on material flow analysis of inputs and outputs: A case study in Jinchang City, China
Y Li, RJS Beeton, A Halog, T Sigler
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 110, 87-98, 2016
Enhancing value chains by applying industrial symbiosis concept to the Rubber City in Kedah, Malaysia
S Sharib, A Halog
Journal of Cleaner Production 141, 1095-1108, 2017
Sustainability from a Chinese cultural perspective: The implications of harmonious development in environmental management
Y Li, H Cheng, RJS Beeton, T Sigler, A Halog
Environment, development and sustainability 18 (3), 679-696, 2016
Charting policy directions for mining’s sustainability with circular economy
R Balanay, A Halog
Recycling 1 (2), 219-231, 2016
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