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Seung-Whan Bahk
Seung-Whan Bahk
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Generation and characterization of the highest laser intensities (1022 W/cm2)
SW Bahk, P Rousseau, TA Planchon, V Chvykov, G Kalintchenko, ...
Optics letters 29 (24), 2837-2839, 2004
Spatiotemporal control of laser intensity
DH Froula, D Turnbull, AS Davies, TJ Kessler, D Haberberger, ...
Nature photonics 12 (5), 262-265, 2018
Characterization of focal field formed by a large numerical aperture paraboloidal mirror and generation of ultra-high intensity (1022 W/cm2)
SW Bahk, P Rousseau, TA Planchon, V Chvykov, G Kalintchenko, ...
Applied Physics B 80 (7), 823-832, 2005
Technology development for ultraintense all-OPCPA systems
J Bromage, SW Bahk, IA Begishev, C Dorrer, MJ Guardalben, ...
High Power Laser Science and Engineering 7, 2019
A high-resolution, adaptive beam-shaping system for high-power lasers
SW Bahk, E Fess, BE Kruschwitz, JD Zuegel
Optics express 18 (9), 9151-9163, 2010
A focal-spot diagnostic for on-shot characterization of high-energy petawatt lasers
J Bromage, SW Bahk, D Irwin, J Kwiatkowski, A Pruyne, M Millecchia, ...
Optics Express 16 (21), 16561-16572, 2008
Relativistic generation of isolated attosecond pulses: a different route to extreme intensity
J Nees, N Naumova, E Power, V Yanovsky, I Sokolov, A Maksimchuk, ...
journal of modern optics 52 (2-3), 305-319, 2005
Offner radial group delay compensator for ultra-broadband laser beam transport
SW Bahk, J Bromage, JD Zuegel
Optics Letters 39 (4), 1081-1084, 2014
Ionization waves of arbitrary velocity driven by a flying focus
JP Palastro, D Turnbull, SW Bahk, RK Follett, JL Shaw, D Haberberger, ...
Physical Review A 97 (3), 033835, 2018
Accurate target-plane focal-spot characterization in high-energy laser systems using phase retrieval
BE Kruschwitz, SW Bahk, J Bromage, MD Moore, D Irwin
Optics Express 20 (19), 20874-20883, 2012
High Power Laser Sci
J Bromage, SW Bahk, IA Begishev, C Dorrer, MJ Guardalben, ...
Eng 7, e4, 2019
Precompensation of gain nonuniformity in a Nd: glass amplifier using a programmable beam-shaping system
SW Bahk, IA Begishev, JD Zuegel
Optics Communications 333, 45-52, 2014
Deployment of a spatial light modulator-based beam-shaping system on the OMEGA EP laser
M Barczys, SW Bahk, M Spilatro, D Coppenbarger, E Hill, TH Hinterman, ...
High Power Lasers for Fusion Research II 8602, 100-111, 2013
Highly accurate wavefront reconstruction algorithms over broad spatial-frequency bandwidth
SW Bahk
Optics Express 19 (20), 18997-19014, 2011
On-shot focal-spot characterization technique using phase retrieval
SW Bahk, J Bromage, IA Begishev, C Mileham, C Stoeckl, M Storm, ...
Applied Optics 47 (25), 4589-4597, 2008
Flying focus: Spatial and temporal control of intensity for laser-based applications
DH Froula, JP Palastro, D Turnbull, A Davies, L Nguyen, A Howard, ...
Physics of Plasmas 26 (3), 032109, 2019
Spot-shadowing optimization to mitigate damage growth in a high-energy-laser amplifier chain
SW Bahk, JD Zuegel, JR Fienup, CC Widmayer, J Heebner
Applied Optics 47 (35), 6586-6593, 2008
Status of high-energy OPCPA at LLE and future prospects
JD Zuegel, SW Bahk, IA Begishev, J Bromage, C Dorrer, AV Okishev, ...
2014 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO)-Laser Science to …, 2014
Band-limited wavefront reconstruction with unity frequency response from Shack-Hartmann slopes measurements
SW Bahk
Optics letters 33 (12), 1321-1323, 2008
Suppression of Parasitic Lasing in Multi–pass Ti-sapphire Amplifiers.
V Chvykov, V Yanovsky, SW Bahk, G Kalintchenko, G Mourou
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CWA34, 2003
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