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Karolina Urbanska
Karolina Urbanska
New Street Consulting Group
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The trials of evidence-based practice in education: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials in education research 1980–2016
P Connolly, C Keenan, K Urbanska
Educational Research 60 (3), 276-291, 2018
Swaying to the Extreme: Group Relative Deprivation Predicts Voting for an Extreme Right Party in the French Presidential Election
K Urbanska, S Guimond
International Review of Social Psychology 31 (1), 26, 2018
What do national flags stand for? An exploration of associations across 11 countries
JC Becker, DA Butz, CG Sibley, FK Barlow, LM Bitacola, O Christ, ...
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 48 (3), 335-352, 2017
The role of social identity in the explanation of collective action: An intergroup perspective on the Yellow Vests movement
J Adam‐Troian, Y Mahfud, K Urbanska, S Guimond
Journal of Applied Social Psychology 51 (6), 560-576, 2021
Does increased interdisciplinary contact among hard and social scientists help or hinder interdisciplinary research?
K Urbanska, S Huet, S Guimond
PLOS ONE 14 (9), e0221907, 2019
God-like robots: the semantic overlap between representation of divine and artificial entities
N Spatola, K Urbanska
Ai & Society 35 (2), 329-341, 2020
From injustice to action: The role of empathy and perceived fairness to address inequality via victim compensation
K Urbanska, S McKeown, LK Taylor
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 82, 129-140, 2019
Bottom-up populism: How relative deprivation and populist attitudes mobilize leaderless anti-government protest
A Lüders, K Urbanska, R Wollast, A Nugier, S Guimond
Journal of Social and Political Psychology 9 (2), 506-519, 2021
Authority fairness for all? Intergroup status and expectations of procedural justice and resource distribution
K Urbanska, S Pehrson, RN Turner
Journal of Social and Political Psychology 7 (2), 766-789, 2019
PROTOCOL: Video‐based interventions for promoting positive social behaviour in children with autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta‐analysis
C Keenan, A Thurston, C Storey, K Urbanska
Campbell systematic reviews 17 (2), e1171, 2021
Conscious machines: Robot rights
N Spatola, K Urbanska
Science 359 (6374), 400-400, 2018
Power to the people: Disidentification with the government and the support for populism
K Urbanska, S Pehrson, S Guimond
Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology 5 (2), 79-89, 2021
Authority fairness as contingent on intergroup attitudes: Review and expansion of relational models of procedural justice
K Urbanska, S Pehrson, MJ Platow, R Turner
PsyArXiv, 2019
Review of the book'The mind club: Who thinks, what feels and why it matters' by DM Wegner & K. Gray
K Urbanska
Social Psychological Review 18, 57-59, 2016
Predicting the replicability of social and behavioural science claims in a crisis: The COVID-19 Preprint Replication Project
A Marcoci, DP Wilkinson, A Vercammen, BC Wintle, AL Abatayo, E Baskin, ...
Open Science Framwork (OSF), 2023
Bottom-up populism: how relative deprivation and populist attitudes mobilize leaderless anti-government protest
A Lüders, K Urbanska, R Wollast, A Nugier, S Guimond
University of Limerick, 2021
Replication of a research claim from Sternisko et al.(2020), from PsyArXiv
WR Reed, K Urbanska, A Tyner, Z Loomas, O Miske, B Luis, MK Struhl
OSF, 2020
Replication of a Research Claim from Vega et al.(2020), from PsyArXiv
K Urbanska, M Tutor, A Tyner, B Luis
OSF, 2020
Using political sanctions to discourage intergroup attacks: Social identity and authority legitimacy
K Urbanska, S Pehrson
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42, e143, 2019
Moral concerns through the lens of culture: Responding to intergroup-level authority decisions
K Urbanska, MSA Park, S Pehrson
PsyArXiv, 2018
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