Tu Le
Tu Le
RMIT University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Quantitative structure–property relationship modeling of diverse materials properties
T Le, VC Epa, FR Burden, DA Winkler
Chemical Reviews 112 (5), 2889-2919, 2012
Lyotropic liquid crystal engineering–ordered nanostructured small molecule amphiphile self-assembly materials by design
C Fong, T Le, CJ Drummond
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (3), 1297-1322, 2012
Discovery and optimization of materials using evolutionary approaches
TC Le, DA Winkler
Chemical reviews 116 (10), 6107-6132, 2016
Aqueous solubility prediction: do crystal lattice interactions help?
M Salahinejad, TC Le, DA Winkler
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (7), 2757-2766, 2013
Capturing the crystal: prediction of enthalpy of sublimation, crystal lattice energy, and melting points of organic compounds
M Salahinejad, TC Le, DA Winkler
Journal of chemical information and modeling 53 (1), 223-229, 2013
Performance of deep and shallow neural networks, the universal approximation theorem, activity cliffs, and QSAR
DA Winkler, TC Le
Molecular informatics 36 (1-2), 1600118, 2017
An experimental and computational approach to the development of ZnO nanoparticles that are safe by design
TC Le, H Yin, R Chen, Y Chen, L Zhao, PS Casey, C Chen, DA Winkler
Small 12 (26), 3568-3577, 2016
Structural properties of hyperbranched polymers in the melt under shear via nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation
TC Le, BD Todd, PJ Daivis, A Uhlherr
The Journal of chemical physics 130 (7), 074901, 2009
Manipulating the ordered nanostructure of self-assembled monoolein and phytantriol nanoparticles with unsaturated fatty acids
N Tran, X Mulet, AM Hawley, C Fong, J Zhai, TC Le, J Ratcliffe, ...
Langmuir 34 (8), 2764-2773, 2018
In meso crystallization: compatibility of different lipid bicontinuous cubic mesophases with the cubic crystallization screen in aqueous solution
L van’t Hag, C Darmanin, TC Le, S Mudie, CE Conn, CJ Drummond
Crystal growth & design 14 (4), 1771-1781, 2014
A bright future for evolutionary methods in drug design
TC Le, DA Winkler
ChemMedChem 10 (8), 1296-1300, 2015
Predicting the complex phase behavior of self-assembling drug delivery nanoparticles
TC Le, X Mulet, FR Burden, DA Winkler
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (4), 1368-1377, 2013
Rheology of hyperbranched polymer melts undergoing planar Couette flow
TC Le, BD Todd, PJ Daivis, A Uhlherr
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (4), 044902, 2009
Computational Modeling and Prediction of the Complex Time-Dependent Phase Behavior of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals under in Meso Crystallization Conditions
TC Le, CE Conn, FR Burden, DA Winkler
Crystal growth & design 13 (3), 1267-1276, 2013
Robust prediction of personalized cell recognition from a cancer population by a dual targeting nanoparticle library
TC Le, B Yan, DA Winkler
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (44), 6927-6935, 2015
The effect of interbranch spacing on structural and rheological properties of hyperbranched polymer melts
TC Le, BD Todd, PJ Daivis, A Uhlherr
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (16), 164901, 2009
Illuminating flash point: comprehensive prediction models
TC Le, M Ballard, P Casey, MS Liu, DA Winkler
Molecular informatics 34 (1), 18-27, 2015
Toward cell membrane biomimetic lipidic cubic phases: A high-throughput exploration of lipid compositional space
S Sarkar, N Tran, MH Rashid, TC Le, I Yarovsky, CE Conn, CJ Drummond
ACS Applied Bio Materials 2 (1), 182-195, 2018
Using machine learning to predict the self-assembled nanostructures of monoolein and phytantriol as a function of temperature and fatty acid additives for effective lipid-based …
TC Le, N Tran
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (3), 1637-1647, 2019
Quantitative design rules for protein-resistant surface coatings using machine learning
TC Le, M Penna, DA Winkler, I Yarovsky
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-12, 2019
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