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Dr. Peter Voo, Ph.D
Dr. Peter Voo, Ph.D
Assoc. Prof in Social Work
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Psychosocial factors, depression, and musculoskeletal disorders among teachers
YM Ng, P Voo, I Maakip
BMC public health 19 (1), 1-10, 2019
Beliefs about the meaning and measurement of intelligence: a cross‐cultural comparison of American, British and Malaysian undergraduates
V Swami, A Furnham, I Maakip, MS Ahmad, NHM Nawi, PSK Voo, ...
Applied Cognitive Psychology: The Official Journal of the Society for …, 2008
Kaedah penyelidikan dalam pendidikan
A Yahya, P Voo, I Maakip, MDA Malek
Tanjong Malim: Pejabat Karang Mengarang UPSI, 2017
The importance of organizational climate for psychosocial safety in the prevention of sexual harassment at work
MPC Tan, SSM Kwan, A Yahaya, I Maakip, P Voo
Journal of occupational health 62 (1), e12192, 2020
Pain Resolving in Addiction and Recovery: A Grounded Theory Study.
A Kim-Lok Oh, PH Megat Ahmad, FB Bahari, P Voo
Grounded Theory Review 15 (2), 2016
Intergenerasi, Sokongan Psikologi dan Sosial Penjagaan Warga emas dalam Pelbagai Etnik di Sabah
NH Nawi, PHM Ahmad, MDA Malek, G Cosmas, H Ibrahim, P Voo, ...
Southeast Asia Psychology Journal 4, 24-34, 2016
Effects of self-regulated learning, parental involvement and homework on academic achievement of school students
A Yahaya, I Maakip, PVS Kiong, MYM Yusuf, NKBA Ramli
International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and …, 2020
smartphone usage, smartphone addiction, internet addiction and Nomophobia Inuniversity Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
KT Yin, AH Yahaya, C Sangryeol, I Maakip, P Voo, H Maalip
Southeast Asia Psychology Journal 7, 2-13, 2019
Community Use Zone (CUZ) model and its outcome in Malaysia case study from Crocker Range Park, Sabah
P Voo, AJ Mohammed, M Inoue
J. Mgmt. & Sustainability 6, 25, 2016
Ismail Maakip dan Mohd Dahlan A. Malek (2017)
A Yahaya, P Voo
Kaedah Penyelidikan dalam pendidikan, 0
Predictors of musculoskeletal disorders among teachers: An exploratory investigation in Malaysia
NY Ming, PVS Kiong, I Maakip
Asian Social Science 16 (7), 67, 2020
The Effectiveness of Sandplay Therapy to Improve Students’ Self-Esteem: A preliminary study in Brunei Darul Salam
A Yahaya, I Maakip, P Voo, SKS Mee, KH Kifli, UBD SHBIE
Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology 9 (1), 23, 2019
Coping strategies, perceptions of the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs and intention to relapse among former methamphetamine addicts.
NB Matshah, M Halik, PJ Kimong, N Ayub, SKS Mee, PVS Kiong, ...
Southeast Asia Psychology Journal 2, 2014
A cross-cultural investigation of students' preferences for lecturers' personalities in Britain, Malaysia and the United States
V Swami, A Furnham, I Maakip, S Ahmad, N Hudani, PSK Voo, ...
Learning and Individual Differences 17 (4), 307-315, 2007
Pengaruh Sokongan Emosi dan Sosial ke atas Hubungan Intergenerasi dalam Penjagaan Warga Tua Pelbagai Etnik
NHM Nawi, PHMAH Megat, MDA Malek, G Cosmas, HI Ibrahim, P Voo
Sains Humanika 11 (2), 2019
JPS Azizi Yahaya, Ismail Maakip, Peter Voo, Sharon Kwan Sam Mee
International Journal of Asian Social Science 9 (2), 248-255, 2019
Shelter House Play Therapy for a Child With Autism
A Yahaya, IBH Mahir, GM Lee, I Maakip, BM Arus, P Voo, S Kwan
International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences 4 (11), 299-307, 2018
Structural relationship between emotional and social support for young adult carers towards intergenerational care of the multi-ethnic elderly
NHM Nawi, PHM Ahmad, DA Malek, G Cosmas, H Ibrahim, P Voo, ...
Quality in Ageing and Older Adults 18 (3), 188-200, 2017
Kesejahteraan Subjektif Ibu Bapa Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Pembelajaran: Pengaruh Komitmen Keagamaan, Harapan Terhadap Anak, Dan Sokongan Sosial (Subjective Well-Being Among …
C Ubeh, F Bahari, PSK Voo
Jurnal Psikologi Malaysia 31 (2), 2017
Understanding Local Peoples’ Participation as “Means” and “Ends” in Protected Areas Management: A Qualitative Study in the Heart of Borneo
M Inoue, D Terauchi, K Fujii, K Tsunoda, N Okubo, Y Takamura, ...
Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 1-12, 2021
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