Emmanuel Martínez-Ledesma
Emmanuel Martínez-Ledesma
Bioinformatics, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Escuela de Medicina
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Inferring tumour purity and stromal and immune cell admixture from expression data
K Yoshihara, M Shahmoradgoli, E Martínez, R Vegesna, H Kim, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-11, 2013
Tumor evolution of glioma-intrinsic gene expression subtypes associates with immunological changes in the microenvironment
Q Wang, B Hu, X Hu, H Kim, M Squatrito, L Scarpace, AC deCarvalho, ...
Cancer cell 32 (1), 42-56. e6, 2017
SurvExpress: an online biomarker validation tool and database for cancer gene expression data using survival analysis
R Aguirre-Gamboa, H Gomez-Rueda, E Martínez-Ledesma, ...
PloS one 8 (9), e74250, 2013
Integrated genomic and molecular characterization of cervical cancer
Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
Nature 543 (7645), 378-384, 2017
Systematic analysis of telomere length and somatic alterations in 31 cancer types
FP Barthel, W Wei, M Tang, E Martinez-Ledesma, X Hu, SB Amin, ...
Nature genetics 49 (3), 349-357, 2017
TumorFusions: an integrative resource for cancer-associated transcript fusions
X Hu, Q Wang, M Tang, F Barthel, S Amin, K Yoshihara, FM Lang, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (D1), D1144-D1149, 2018
Mutations in the SWI/SNF complex induce a targetable dependence on oxidative phosphorylation in lung cancer
YL Deribe, Y Sun, C Terranova, F Khan, J Martinez-Ledesma, J Gay, ...
Nature medicine 24 (7), 1047-1057, 2018
Identification of a multi-cancer gene expression biomarker for cancer clinical outcomes using a network-based algorithm
E Martinez-Ledesma, RGW Verhaak, V Treviño
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-14, 2015
Catalytic nanomedicine: A new field in antitumor treatment using supported platinum nanoparticles. In vitro DNA degradation and in vivo tests with C6 animal model on Wistar rats
T Lopez, F Figueras, J Manjarrez, J Bustos, M Álvarez, J Silvestre-Albero, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 45 (5), 1982-1990, 2010
Compact cancer biomarkers discovery using a swarm intelligence feature selection algorithm
E Martinez, MM Alvarez, V Trevino
Computational biology and chemistry 34 (4), 244-250, 2010
Multigene signature for predicting prognosis of patients with 1p19q co-deletion diffuse glioma
X Hu, E Martinez-Ledesma, S Zheng, H Kim, F Barthel, T Jiang, KR Hess, ...
Neuro-oncology 19 (6), 786-795, 2017
Systematic epigenomic analysis reveals chromatin states associated with melanoma progression
P Fiziev, KC Akdemir, JP Miller, EZ Keung, NS Samant, S Sharma, ...
Cell reports 19 (4), 875-889, 2017
Comparison of gene expression patterns across 12 tumor types identifies a cancer supercluster characterized by TP53 mutations and cell cycle defects
E Martínez, Y Kosuke, H Kim, GM Mills, V Treviño, V Roel GW
Oncogene 34 (21), 2732-2740, 2015
Buparlisib in patients with recurrent glioblastoma harboring phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway activation: an open-label, multicenter, multi-arm, phase II trial
PY Wen, M Touat, BM Alexander, IK Mellinghoff, S Ramkissoon, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 37 (9), 741, 2019
Novel therapeutic strategy for cervical cancer harboring FGFR3-TACC3 fusions
R Tamura, K Yoshihara, T Saito, R Ishimura, JE Martínez-Ledesma, H Xin, ...
Oncogenesis 7 (1), 1-12, 2018
Targeting intercellular adhesion molecule-1 prolongs survival in mice bearing bevacizumab-resistant glioblastoma
Y Piao, V Henry, N Tiao, SY Park, J Martinez-Ledesma, JW Dong, ...
Oncotarget 8 (57), 96970, 2017
Integration and comparison of different genomic data for outcome prediction in cancer
H Gómez-Rueda, E Martínez-Ledesma, A Martínez-Torteya, ...
BioData mining 8 (1), 1-12, 2015
Los Consejos de Salud: balance de un año de funcionamiento
ML Barceló, E Martínez, AJRS Moreno, V Sánchez, J Cánovas, ...
Atención primaria: Publicación oficial de la Sociedad Española de Familia y …, 1992
The polo-like kinase 1 inhibitor volasertib synergistically increases radiation efficacy in glioma stem cells
J Dong, SY Park, N Nguyen, R Ezhilarasan, E Martinez-Ledesma, S Wu, ...
Oncotarget 9 (12), 10497, 2018
Revealing protein networks and gene-drug connectivity in cancer from direct information
XL Jiang, E Martinez-Ledesma, F Morcos
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-13, 2017
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