Shensheng Chen
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Morphology evolution of Janus dumbbell nanoparticles in seeded emulsion polymerization
Y Li, S Chen, S Demirci, S Qin, Z Xu, E Olson, F Liu, D Palm, X Yong, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 543, 34-42, 2019
Dissipative particle dynamics modeling of hydrogel swelling by osmotic ensemble method
S Chen, X Yong
The Journal of chemical physics 149 (9), 094904, 2018
Nanoparticle assembly modulated by polymer chain conformation in composite materials
S Chen, E Olson, S Jiang, X Yong
Nanoscale 12 (27), 14560-14572, 2020
Self-stratification of amphiphilic Janus particles at coating surfaces
Y Li, F Liu, S Chen, A Tsyrenova, K Miller, E Olson, R Mort, D Palm, ...
Materials Horizons 7 (8), 2047-2055, 2020
Janus Nanoparticles Enable Entropy-Driven Mixing of Bicomponent Hydrogels
S Chen, X Yong
Langmuir 35 (46), 14840-14848, 2019
Elastocapillary interactions of thermoresponsive microgels across the volume phase transition temperatures
S Chen, X Yong
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 584, 275-280, 2021
Homogeneous gelation leads to nanowire forests in the transition between electrospray and electrospinning
L Lei, S Chen, CJ Nachtigal, TF Moy, X Yong, JP Singer
Materials Horizons 7 (10), 2643-2650, 2020
Electrospray deposition of nanowire forests through spinodal gellation
L Lei, C Nachtigal, S Chen, T Moy, X Yong, J Singer
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Modelling Nanowire Formation in Electrospray Deposition of Polymeric Droplets
S Chen, X Yong
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Mesoscale Modeling of Polymer Gels and Polymer Nanocomposites
S Chen
State University of New York at Binghamton, 2020
Microgel Interactions over Full Temperature Range
X Yong, S Chen
APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting Abstracts, P11. 003, 2020
The Influence of Polymer Conformation on Nanoparticle Assembly in Composite Materials
S Chen, X Yong
FACM 2019 & NCS11,NJIT, NJ, 2019
Mesoscale modeling of polymer bigels using Janus particles
S Chen, X Yong
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, R52. 013, 2019
Mesoscale Modeling of Swelling Kinetics of Hydrogels
S Chen, X Yong
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2018, P52. 011, 2018
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