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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The hydrostatic pressure and temperature effects on hydrogenic impurity binding energies in GaAs/InxGa1-xAs/GaAs square quantum well
P Başer, I Altuntas, S Elagoz
Superlattices and Microstructures 92, 210-216, 2016
Structural and electrical properties of nitrogen-doped ZnO thin films
ES Tuzemen, K Kara, S Elagoz, DK Takci, I Altuntas, R Esen
Applied surface science 318, 157-163, 2014
In concentration dependence of shallow impurity binding energy under the hydrostatic pressure
P Baser, I Altuntas, S Elagoz
Marmara Fen Bilimleri Dergisi 23 (4), 171-180, 2011
Distributed contact flip chip InGaN/GaN blue LED; comparison with conventional LEDs
M Genç, V Sheremet, M Elçi, AE Kasapoğlu, İ Altuntaş, İ Demir, G Eğin, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 128, 9-13, 2019
The role of ITO resistivity on current spreading and leakage in InGaN/GaN light emitting diodes
V Sheremet, M Genç, M Elçi, N Sheremet, A Aydınlı, I Altuntaş, K Ding, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 111, 1177-1194, 2017
The effects of two-stage HT-GaN growth with different V/III ratios during 3D–2D transition
I Altuntas, I Demir, AE Kasapoğlu, S Mobtakeri, E Gür, S Elagoz
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (3), 035105, 2017
Two-step passivation for enhanced InGaN/GaN light emitting diodes with step graded electron injectors
V Sheremet, M Genç, N Gheshlaghi, M Elçi, N Sheremet, A Aydınlı, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 113, 623-634, 2018
Comprehensive growth and characterization study on highly n-doped InGaAs as a contact layer for quantum cascade laser applications
I Demir, I Altuntas, B Bulut, M Ezzedini, Y Ergun, S Elagoz
Semiconductor Science and Technology 33 (5), 055005, 2018
Growth kinetics of O-polar BexMgyZn1-x-yO alloy: Role of Zn to Be and Mg flux ratio as a guide to growth at high temperature
HM M. B. Ullah, V. Avrutin, T. Nakagawara, S. Hafiz, I. Altuntaş, Ü. Özgür
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (18), 185704, 2017
Microstructural evolution of MOVPE grown GaN by the carrier gas
I Demir, I Altuntas, AE Kasapoğlu, S Mobtakeri, E Guer, S Elagoz
Semiconductors 52 (16), 2030-2038, 2018
InGaN stress compensation layers in InGaN/GaN blue LEDs with step graded electron injectors
V Sheremet, N Gheshlaghi, M Sözen, M Elçi, N Sheremet, A Aydınlı, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 116, 253-261, 2018
Influence of the PALE growth temperature on quality of MOVPE grown AlN/Si (111)
I Altuntas, MN Kocak, G Yolcu, HF Budak, AE Kasapoğlu, S Horoz, E Gür, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 127, 105733, 2021
PECVD grown SiN photonic crystal micro-domes for the light extraction enhancement of GaN LEDs
M Genç, V Sheremet, İ Altuntaş, İ Demir, E Gür, S Elagöz, O Gülseren, ...
Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices XV 11280, 112800O, 2020
Nucleation layer temperature effect on AlN epitaxial layers grown by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy
I Simsek, G Yolcu, MN Koçak, K Pürlü, I Altuntas, I Demir
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 1-9, 2021
Effects of applied external fields on the nonlinear optical rectification, second, and third harmonic generation in a quantum well with exponentially confinement potential
I Altuntas
The European Physical Journal B 94 (9), 1-7, 2021
ZnO/Al2O3 layered structures deposited by RF magnetron sputtering on glass: growth characteristics, optical properties, and microstructural analysis
EŞ Tüzemen, A Özer, İ Demir, İ Altuntaş, M Şimşir
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-10, 2021
Numerical simulation of linear and nonlinear optical properties in heterostructure based on triple Gaussian quantum wells: effects of applied external fields and structural …
H Dakhlaoui, I Altuntas, ME Mora-Ramos, F Ungan
The European Physical Journal Plus 136 (8), 1-15, 2021
XRD and photoluminescence measurements of GaN grown on dome shaped patterned sapphire with different NH3 flow rates
Cumhuriyet Science Journal 42 (1), 184-190, 2021
The GaN Epilayer Grown by MOVPE: Effect of The Different Nucleation Layer Temperatures
International Journal of Innovative Engineering Applications 5 (1), 6-10, 2021
The Effect of Si (111) Substrate Surface Cleaning on Growth Rate and Crystal Quality of MOVPE Grown AlN
Gazi University Journal of Science, 1-1, 2021
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