Timothy J Hoellein
Timothy J Hoellein
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Microplastic is an Abundant and Distinct Microbial Habitat in an Urban River
A McCormick, TJ Hoellein, SA Mason, J Schluep, JJ Kelly
Enivronmental Science and Technology 48 (20), 11863–11871, 2014
Microplastic in surface waters of urban rivers: concentration, sources, and associated bacterial assemblages
AR McCormick, TJ Hoellein, MG London, J Hittie, JW Scott, JJ Kelly
Ecosphere 7 (11), e01556, 2016
Anthropogenic litter in urban freshwater ecosystems: Distribution and microbial interactions
TJ Hoellein, M Rojas, A Pink, J Gasior, JJ Kelly
PLoS One 9 (6), e98485, 2014
Revisiting Odum (1956): A synthesis of aquatic ecosystem metabolism
TJ Hoellein, DA Bruesewitz, DC Richardson
Limnology and Oceanography 58 (6), 2089-2100, 2013
Controls on spatial and temporal variation of nutrient uptake in three Michigan headwater streams
TJ Hoellein, JL Tank, EJ Rosi-Marshall, SA Entrekin, GA Lamberti
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (5), 1964-1977, 2007
Microplastic in riverine fish is connected to species traits
R McNeish, L Kim, H Barrett, SA Mason, JJ Kelly, TJ Hoellein
Scientific Reports 8, 11639, 2018
Microplastic contamination in karst groundwater systems
SV Panno, WR Kelly, J Scott, W Zheng, RE McNeish, N Holm, TJ Hoellein, ...
Groundwater 57 (2), 189-196, 2019
Bivalve impacts in freshwater and marine ecosystems
CC Vaughn, TJ Hoellein
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 49, 183-208, 2018
Microplastic-associated biofilms: a comparison of freshwater and marine environments
JP Harrison, TJ Hoellein, M Sapp, AS Tagg, Y Ju-Nam, JJ Ojeda
Freshwater microplastics, 181-201, 2018
Does mixing litter of different qualities alter stream microbial diversity and functioning on individual litter species?
JS Kominoski, TJ Hoellein, JJ Kelly, CM Pringle
Oikos 118 (3), 457-463, 2009
A watershed-scale, citizen science approach to quantifying microplastic concentration in a mixed land-use river
APW Barrows, KS Christiansen, ET Bode, TJ Hoellein
Water research 147, 382-392, 2018
Longitudinal patterns of microplastic concentration and bacterial assemblages in surface and benthic habitats of an urban river
TJ Hoellein, AR McCormick, J Hittie, MG London, JW Scott, JJ Kelly
Freshwater Science 36 (3), 491-507, 2017
Responses in organic matter accumulation and processing to an experimental wood addition in three headwater streams
SA Entrekin, JL Tank, EJ ROSI‐MARSHALL, TJ Hoellein, GA Lamberti
Freshwater Biology 53 (8), 1642-1657, 2008
Response of secondary production by macroinvertebrates to large wood addition in three Michigan streams
SA Entrekin, JL Tank, EJ ROSI‐MARSHALL, TJ Hoellein, GA Lamberti
Freshwater Biology 54 (8), 1741-1758, 2009
Microplastic deposition velocity in streams follows patterns for naturally occurring allochthonous particles
TJ Hoellein, AJ Shogren, JL Tank, P Risteca, JJ Kelly
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Temporal variation in substratum-specific rates of N uptake and metabolism and their contribution at the stream-reach scale
TJ Hoellein, JL Tank, EJ Rosi-Marshall, SA Entrekin
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28 (2), 305-318, 2009
Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) filtration, biodeposition, and sediment nitrogen cycling at two oyster reefs with contrasting water quality in Great Bay Estuary (New …
TJ Hoellein, CB Zarnoch, RE Grizzle
Biogeochemistry 122 (1), 113-129, 2015
Sediment, water column, and open‐channel denitrification in rivers measured using membrane‐inlet mass spectrometry
AJ Reisinger, JL Tank, TJ Hoellein, RO Hall Jr
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 121 (5), 1258-1274, 2016
Beyond species richness: Expanding biodiversity–ecosystem functioning theory in detritus‐based streams
JS Kominoski, TJ Hoellein, CJ Leroy, CM Pringle, CM Swan
River research and applications 26 (1), 67-75, 2010
The global odyssey of plastic pollution
CM Rochman, T Hoellein
Science 368 (6496), 1184-1185, 2020
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