Raquel M. Crespo-García
Raquel M. Crespo-García
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Aligning assessment with learning outcomes in outcome-based education
RM Crespo, J Najjar, M Derntl, D Leony, S Neumann, P Oberhuemer, ...
IEEE EDUCON 2010 Conference, 1239-1246, 2010
A Supporting System for Adaptive Peer Review based on Learners' Profiles
RM Crespo García, A Pardo
Workshop on Computer Supported Peer Review in Education, 0
An algorithm for peer review matching using student profiles based on fuzzy classification and genetic algorithms
RM Crespo, A Pardo, JPS Pérez, CD Kloos
International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications …, 2005
An adaptive strategy for peer review
RM Crespo, A Pardo, CD Kloos
34th Annual Frontiers in Education, 2004. FIE 2004., F3F-7, 2004
Changes in intraocular pressure associated with the administration of propofol
B Vanacker, D Dekegel, J Dionys, R Garcia, L Van Eeckhoutte, G Dralants, ...
British journal of anaesthesia 59 (12), 1514-1517, 1987
A methodology for improving active learning engineering courses with a large number of students and teachers through feedback gathering and iterative refinement
I Estévez-Ayres, C Alario-Hoyos, M Pérez-Sanagustín, A Pardo, ...
International Journal of Technology and Design Education 25 (3), 387-408, 2015
An algorithm for peer review matching in Massive courses for minimising students' frustration
IM Estévez Ayres, R Crespo García, J Arias Fisteus, C Delgado Kloos
Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2013
Towards efficient provision of feedback supported by learning analytics
IG Rojas, RMC García
2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …, 2012
Peeking into the black box: visualising learning activities
RM Crespo García, A Pardo, C Delgado Kloos, K Niemann, M Scheffel, ...
International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 4 (1-2), 99-120, 2012
Redes sociales: la madeja tecnificada
RM Crespo García, JJ García Rueda
Aprendizaje con redes sociales Tejidos educativos para los nuevos entornos …, 2010
Orchestration and feedback in lab sessions: improvements in quick feedback provision
I Gutiérrez Rojas, RM Crespo García, C Delgado Kloos
Towards Ubiquitous Learning: 6th European Conference on Technology Anhanced …, 2011
Assessment of knowledge and competencies in 3D virtual worlds: A proposal
MB Ibáñez, RM Crespo, CD Kloos
IFIP International Conference on Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society …, 2010
Enhancing orchestration of lab sessions by means of awareness mechanisms
IG Rojas, RMC García, CD Kloos
European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 113-125, 2012
Assessing assessment formats: The current picture: Special session: Assessing assessment formats
I Gutiérrez, CD Kloos, RM Crespo
IEEE EDUCON 2010 Conference, 1233-1238, 2010
Game based spelling learning
RM Crespo García, C Delgado Kloos, M Castro Gil
Frontiers in Education Conference, 2008. FIE 2008. 38th Annual, S3B-11-S3B-15, 2008
Peer review to improve artificial intelligence teaching
RMC García, JV Román, A Pardo
Proceedings. Frontiers in Education. 36th Annual Conference, 3-8, 2006
Rating the importance of different LMS functionalities
PJ Muñoz Merino, C Delgado Kloos, R Seepold, RM Crespo García
Frontiers in Education Conference, 36th Annual, 13-18, 2006
Assessment interoperability using QTI
IG Rojas, Á Agea, RM Crespo, A Pardo, D Leony, CD Kloos
ICL2009 Conf, 23-25, 2009
Usability and Accessibility in Web 3D
S Kelle, RM Crespo García
Information Systems Journal, 1-5, 2007
Automatic discovery of complementary learning resources
VA Romero Zaldivar, RM Crespo García, D Burgos, C Delgado Kloos, ...
Towards Ubiquitous Learning: 6th European Conference on Technology Anhanced …, 2011
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