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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Raman Spectroscopy of Few-Quintuple Layer Topological Insulator Bi2Se3 Nanoplatelets
J Zhang, Z Peng, A Soni, Y Zhao, Y Xiong, B Peng, J Wang, ...
Nano letters 11 (6), 2407-2414, 2011
Flexible visible–infrared metamaterials and their applications in highly sensitive chemical and biological sensing
X Xu, B Peng, D Li, J Zhang, LM Wong, Q Zhang, S Wang, Q Xiong
Nano letters 11 (8), 3232-3238, 2011
Highly Sensitive, Uniform, and Reproducible Surface‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy from Hollow Au‐Ag Alloy Nanourchins
Z Liu, Z Yang, B Peng, C Cao, C Zhang, H You, Q Xiong, Z Li, J Fang
Advanced Materials 26 (15), 2431-2439, 2014
Vertically aligned gold nanorod monolayer on arbitrary substrates: self-assembly and femtomolar detection of food contaminants
B Peng, G Li, D Li, S Dodson, Q Zhang, J Zhang, YH Lee, HV Demir, ...
Acs Nano 7 (7), 5993-6000, 2013
From bulk metal Bi to two-dimensional well-crystallized BiOX (X= Cl, Br) micro-and nanostructures: synthesis and characterization
Z Deng, D Chen, B Peng, F Tang
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (8), 2995-3003, 2008
Two-dimensional dichalcogenides for light-harvesting applications
B Peng, PK Ang, KP Loh
Nano Today 10 (2), 128-137, 2015
Polarity assignment in ZnTe, GaAs, ZnO, and GaN-AlN nanowires from direct dumbbell analysis
M De La Mata, C Magen, J Gazquez, MIB Utama, M Heiss, S Lopatin, ...
Nano letters 12 (5), 2579-2586, 2012
Ultrafast charge transfer in MoS 2 /WSe 2 p–n Heterojunction
Peng, Bo Yu, Guannan Liu, Xinfeng Liu, Bo Liang, Xiao Bi, Lei Deng ...
2D Materials 3 (2), 025020, 2016
Incommensurate van der Waals epitaxy of nanowire arrays: a case study with ZnO on muscovite mica substrates
MIB Utama, FJ Belarre, C Magen, B Peng, J Arbiol, Q Xiong
Nano letters 12 (4), 2146-2152, 2012
Exciton-phonon coupling in individual ZnTe nanorods studied by resonant Raman spectroscopy
Q Zhang, J Zhang, MIB Utama, B Peng, M De La Mata, J Arbiol, Q Xiong
Physical Review B 85 (8), 085418, 2012
Vertically aligned cadmium chalcogenide nanowire arrays on muscovite mica: a demonstration of epitaxial growth strategy
MIB Utama, Z Peng, R Chen, B Peng, X Xu, Y Dong, LM Wong, S Wang, ...
Nano letters 11 (8), 3051-3057, 2011
Phonons in Bi 2 S 3 nanostructures: Raman scattering and first-principles studies
Y Zhao, KTE Chua, CK Gan, J Zhang, B Peng, Z Peng, Q Xiong
Physical Review B 84 (20), 205330, 2011
Achieving Ultrafast Hole Transfer at the Monolayer MoS2 and CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Interface by Defect Engineering
B Peng, G Yu, Y Zhao, Q Xu, G Xing, X Liu, D Fu, B Liu, JRS Tan, W Tang, ...
ACS nano 10 (6), 6383–6391, 2016
Excitonic properties and near‐infrared coherent random lasing in vertically aligned CdSe nanowires
R Chen, MI Bakti Utama, Z Peng, B Peng, Q Xiong, H Sun
Advanced materials 23 (11), 1404-1408, 2011
Fluorophore-doped core–multishell spherical plasmonic nanocavities: resonant energy transfer toward a loss compensation
B Peng, Q Zhang, X Liu, Y Ji, HV Demir, CHA Huan, TC Sum, Q Xiong
ACS nano 6 (7), 6250-6259, 2012
General Synthesis and Optical Properties of Monodisperse Multifunctional Metal-Ion-Doped TiO2 Hollow Particles
B Peng, X Meng, F Tang, X Ren, D Chen, J Ren
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (47), 20240-20245, 2009
Composition‐Tunable Vertically Aligned CdSxSe1‐x Nanowire Arrays via van der Waals Epitaxy: Investigation of Optical Properties and Photocatalytic Behavior
J Pan, MIB Utama, Q Zhang, X Liu, B Peng, LM Wong, TC Sum, S Wang, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (30), 4151-4156, 2012
A plasmonically enhanced polymer solar cell with gold–silica core–shell nanorods
X Xu, AKK Kyaw, B Peng, D Zhao, TKS Wong, Q Xiong, XW Sun, ...
Organic electronics 14 (9), 2360-2368, 2013
Doxorubicin loaded silica nanorattles actively seek tumors with improved anti-tumor effects
F Gao, L Li, T Liu, N Hao, H Liu, L Tan, H Li, X Huang, B Peng, C Yan, ...
Nanoscale 4 (11), 3365-3372, 2012
Preparation of PS/TiO2/UF multilayer core–shell hybrid microspheres with high stability
B Peng, F Tang, D Chen, X Ren, X Meng, J Ren
Journal of colloid and interface science 329 (1), 62-66, 2009
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