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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Photovoltaic technology: the case for thin-film solar cells
A Shah, P Torres, R Tscharner, N Wyrsch, H Keppner
science 285 (5428), 692-698, 1999
Thin‐film silicon solar cell technology
AV Shah, H Schade, M Vanecek, J Meier, E Vallat‐Sauvain, N Wyrsch, ...
Progress in photovoltaics: Research and applications 12 (2‐3), 113-142, 2004
Material and solar cell research in microcrystalline silicon
AV Shah, J Meier, E Vallat-Sauvain, N Wyrsch, U Kroll, C Droz, U Graf
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 78 (1-4), 469-491, 2003
Influence of plasma excitation frequency fora-Si:H thin film deposition
H Curtins, N Wyrsch, M Favre, AV Shah
Plasma chemistry and plasma processing 7 (3), 267-273, 1987
High-rate deposition of amorphous hydrogenated silicon: effect of plasma excitation frequency
H Curtins, N Wyrsch, AV Shah
Electronics Letters 23 (5), 228-230, 1987
How to reach more precise interpretation of subgap absorption spectra in terms of deep defect density in a-Si: H
N Wyrsch, F Finger, TJ McMahon, M Vanecek
Journal of non-crystalline solids 137, 347-350, 1991
Microcrystalline silicon and ‘micromorph’tandem solar cells
A Shah, J Meier, E Vallat-Sauvain, C Droz, U Kroll, N Wyrsch, J Guillet, ...
Thin Solid Films 403, 179-187, 2002
The" micromorph" solar cell: extending a-Si: H technology towards thin film crystalline silicon
D Fischer, S Dubail, JAA Selvan, NP Vaucher, R Platz, C Hof, U Kroll, ...
Conference Record of the Twenty Fifth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists …, 1996
Intrinsic microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si: H) deposited by VHF-GD (very high frequency-glow discharge): a new material for photovoltaics and optoelectronics
A Shah, E Vallat-Sauvain, P Torres, J Meier, U Kroll, CH Hof, C Droz, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 69, 219-226, 2000
Mobility lifetime product—A tool for correlating a‐Si:H film properties and solar cell performances
N Beck, N Wyrsch, C Hof, A Shah
Journal of Applied Physics 79 (12), 9361-9368, 1996
Progress in solar cells from hydrogenated amorphous silicon
M Stuckelberger, R Biron, N Wyrsch, FJ Haug, C Ballif
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 76, 1497-1523, 2017
Structural properties and electronic transport in intrinsic microcrystalline silicon deposited by the VHF-GD technique
M Goerlitzer, P Torres, N Beck, N Wyrsch, H Keppner, J Pohl, A Shah
Journal of non-crystalline solids 227, 996-1000, 1998
Microstructure and surface roughness of microcrystalline silicon prepared by very high frequency-glow discharge using hydrogen dilution
E Vallat-Sauvain, U Kroll, J Meier, N Wyrsch, A Shah
Journal of non-crystalline solids 266, 125-130, 2000
Evaluation of building technology for mass producible millimetre-sized robots using flexible printed circuit boards
E Edqvist, N Snis, RC Mohr, O Scholz, P Corradi, J Gao, A Diéguez, ...
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 19 (7), 075011, 2009
Hole drift mobility in
G Juška, M Viliūnas, K Arlauskas, N Nekrašas, N Wyrsch, L Feitknecht
Journal of Applied Physics 89 (9), 4971-4974, 2001
Microcrystalline nip solar cells deposited at 10 Å/s by VHF-GD
L Feitknecht, O Kluth, Y Ziegler, X Niquille, P Torres, J Meier, N Wyrsch, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 66 (1-4), 397-403, 2001
Nanocrystalline silicon carrier collectors for silicon heterojunction solar cells and impact on low-temperature device characteristics
G Nogay, JP Seif, Y Riesen, A Tomasi, Q Jeangros, N Wyrsch, FJ Haug, ...
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 6 (6), 1654-1662, 2016
The “Micromorph” cell: a new way to high-efficiency-low-temperature crystalline silicon thin-film cell manufacturing?
H Keppner, P Torres, J Meier, R Platz, D Fischer, U Kroll, S Dubail, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive 452, 1996
Ambipolar diffusion length and photoconductivity measurements on ‘‘midgap’’hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon
M Goerlitzer, N Beck, P Torres, J Meier, N Wyrsch, A Shah
Journal of applied physics 80 (9), 5111-5115, 1996
VHF plasma deposition: a comparative overview
A Shah, J Dutta, N Wyrsch, K Prasad, H Curtins, F Finger, A Howling, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive 258, 1992
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