M Niaz Asadullah
M Niaz Asadullah
Professor of Development Economics, Malaya University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Farm productivity and efficiency in rural Bangladesh: the role of education revisited
MN Asadullah, S Rahman
Applied economics 41 (1), 17-33, 2009
Returns to education in Bangladesh
MN Asadullah
Education Economics 14 (4), 453-468, 2006
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MN Asadullah, G Yalonetzky
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Paths to development: Is there a Bangladesh surprise?
MN Asadullah, A Savoia, W Mahmud
World Development 62, 138-154, 2014
What matters for life satisfaction among the oldest-old? Evidence from China
ST Ng, NP Tey, MN Asadullah
PloS one 12 (2), e0171799, 2017
Subjective well-being in China, 2005–2010: The role of relative income, gender, and location
MN Asadullah, S Xiao, E Yeoh
China Economic Review 48, 83-101, 2018
Subjective well-being and relative poverty in rural Bangladesh
MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury
Journal of Economic Psychology 33 (5), 940-950, 2012
Religious schools, social values, and economic attitudes: Evidence from Bangladesh
MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury
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Reverse gender gap in schooling in Bangladesh: insights from urban and rural households
MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury
Journal of Development Studies 45 (8), 1360-1380, 2009
Returns to private and public education in Bangladesh and Pakistan: A comparative analysis
MN Asadullah
Journal of Asian economics 20 (1), 77-86, 2009
Holy alliances: public subsidies, Islamic high schools, and female schooling in Bangladesh
MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury
Education Economics 17 (3), 377-394, 2009
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MN Asadullah
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MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury, A Dar
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Poverty reduction during 1990–2013: Did millennium development goals adoption and state capacity matter?
MN Asadullah, A Savoia
World Development 105, 70-82, 2018
Pay differences between teachers and other occupations: Some empirical evidence from Bangladesh
MN Asadullah
Journal of Asian Economics 17 (6), 1044-1065, 2006
Bangladesh's achievements in social development indicators: explaining the puzzle
W Mahmud, MN Asadullah, A Savoia
Economic and Political Weekly, 26-28, 2013
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MN Asadullah, N Chaudhury
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MN Asadullah, RM Fernandez
IZA Discussion Papers, 2008
What determines religious school choice? Theory and evidence from rural Bangladesh
MN Asadullah, R Chakrabarti, N Chaudhury
Bulletin of Economic Research 67 (2), 186-207, 2015
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