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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Effects of Economic and Financial Crises on International Tourist Flows: A Cross-Country Analysis
K Usman, LE Okafor, S Muhammad
Journal of Travel Research 59 (2), 2020
Common unofficial language, development and international tourism
LE Okafor, U Khalid, T Then
Tourism Management 67, 127-138, 2018
Determinants of international tourism demand: Evidence from Australian states and territories
S Muhammad, LE Okafor, U Khalid
Tourism Economics 25 (2), 274-296, 2019
Imported intermediates, absorptive capacity and productivity: Evidence from Ghanaian manufacturing firms
LE Okafor, M Bhattacharya, H Bloch
The World Economy 40 (2), 369-392, 2017
Armed conflict, military expenditure and international tourism
U Khalid, LE Okafor, N Aziz
Tourism Economics, 2019
Foreign debt and domestic savings in developing countries
LE Okafor, J Tyrowicz
Latin American Business Review 9 (3-4), 189-226, 2009
Bank credit, public financial incentives, tax financial incentives and export performance during the global financial crisis
LE Okafor, M Bhattacharya, N Apergis
The World Economy, 2019
Saving less when there is more foreign lending? Foreign debt and savings in developing countries
LE Okafor, J Tyrowicz
Journal of economic policy reform 13 (3), 213-223, 2010
2018 WTO Trade Policy Review of Malaysia
LE Okafor, WL Teo
The World Economy, 2019
Does the size of the tourism sector influence the economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
U Khalid, LE Okafor, K Burzynska
Current Issues in Tourism, 1-20, 2021
Regaining international tourism attractiveness after an armed conflict: the role of security spending
LE Okafor, U Khalid
Current Issues in Tourism, 2020
Export Market Destinations, Imported Intermediates, and Productivity: Firm-level Evidence from Ghana
LE Okafor
The International Trade Journal, 28, 2020
Essays on international activities of firms, innovation, and financial constraints
LE Okafor
Monash University, 2014
Exploring Diverse Sources of Linguistic Influence on International Tourism Flows
U Khalid, LE Okafor, OI Sanusi
Journal of Travel Research, 0047287520988909, 2021
Natural disasters, geography, and international tourism
LE Okafor, O Adeola, O Folarin
Economic effects of natural disasters, 55-76, 2021
International firm activities, R&D, and productivity: Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms
M Bhattacharya, LE Okafor, V Pradeep
Economic Modelling 97, 1-13, 2021
The Effect of Regional Trade Agreements on International Tourist Flows in the Middle East and Africa
LE Okafor, U Khalid, O Adeola
New Frontiers in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Africa, 2021
Exports, Imported Inputs, Two-way Trade, and Productivity: The Role of Absorptive Capacity
LE Okafor
The International Trade Journal, 1-26, 2020
Natural disasters, trade openness and international tourism: the role of income levels across countries
LE Okafor, O Adeola, O Folarin
Tourism Recreation Research, 1-19, 2021
The Effect of Migration on International Tourism Flows: The Role of Linguistic Networks and Common Languages
LE Okafor, U Khalid, K Burzynska
Journal of Travel Research, 00472875211008250, 2021
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