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Kanokwan Sitthithakerngkiet
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
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V Pragadeeswarar, M Marudai, K Sitthithakerngkiet, AK Gazanfer, ...
Abstract and Applied Analysis 1997 (1996), 2014
A generalization of Ćirić fixed point theorems
P Kumam, N Van Dung, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Filomat 29 (7), 1549-1556, 2015
A hybrid viscosity algorithm via modify the hybrid steepest descent method for solving the split variational inclusion in image reconstruction and fixed point problems
K Sitthithakerngkiet, J Deepho, P Kumam
Applied Mathematics and Computation 250, 986-1001, 2015
Existence result of generalized vector quasiequilibrium problems in locally-convex spaces
S Plubtieng, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2011, 1-13, 2011
Coupled best proximity points in ordered metric spaces
P Kumam, V Pragadeeswarar, M Marudai, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2014 (1), 107, 2014
Convergence analysis of hybrid projection with Cesàro mean method for the split equilibrium and general system of finite variational inequalities
J Deepho, J Martínez-Moreno, K Sitthithakerngkiet, P Kumam
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 318, 658-673, 2017
Convergence analysis of a general iterative algorithm for finding a common solution of split variational inclusion and optimization problems
K Sitthithakerngkiet, J Deepho, J Martínez-Moreno, P Kumam
Numerical Algorithms 79 (3), 801-824, 2018
A modified fletcher–reeves conjugate gradient method for monotone nonlinear equations with some applications
AB Abubakar, P Kumam, H Mohammad, AM Awwal, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Mathematics 7 (8), 745, 2019
Modified hybrid steepest method for the split feasibility problem in image recovery of inverse problems
K Sitthithakerngkiet, J Deepho, P Kumam
Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 38 (4), 507-522, 2017
Nonlinear Caputo fractional derivative with nonlocal riemann-liouville fractional integral condition via fixed point theorems
P Borisut, P Kumam, I Ahmed, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Symmetry 11 (6), 829, 2019
The existence and uniqueness of coupled best proximity point for proximally coupled contraction in a complete ordered metric space
V Pragadeeswarar, M Marudai, P Kumam, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2014, 2014
Solving the set equilibrium problems
YC Lin, HJ Chen
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2011, 1-13, 2011
Stability Results for Implicit Fractional Pantograph Differential Equations via ϕ-Hilfer Fractional Derivative with a Nonlocal Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral Condition
I Ahmed, P Kumam, K Shah, P Borisut, K Sitthithakerngkiet, ...
Mathematics 8 (1), 94, 2020
Inertial viscosity forward–backward splitting algorithm for monotone inclusions and its application to image restoration problems
D Kitkuan, P Kumam, J Martínez-Moreno, K Sitthithakerngkiet
International Journal of Computer Mathematics 97 (1-2), 482-497, 2020
A general algorithm for the split common fixed point problem with its applications to signal processing
W Jirakitpuwapat, P Kumam, YJ Cho, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Mathematics 7 (3), 226, 2019
An iterative approximation scheme for solving a split generalized equilibrium, variational inequalities and fixed point problems
K Sitthithakerngkiet, J Deepho, J Martínez-Moreno, P Kumam
International Journal of Computer Mathematics 94 (12), 2373-2395, 2017
Stability analysis for boundary value problems with generalized nonlocal condition via Hilfer–Katugampola fractional derivative
I Ahmed, P Kumam, F Jarad, P Borisut, K Sitthithakerngkiet, A Ibrahim
Advances in Difference Equations 2020 (1), 1-18, 2020
Some globally stable fixed points in b-metric spaces
UY Batsari, P Kumam, K Sitthithakerngkiet
Symmetry 10 (11), 555, 2018
Some iterative method for finding a common zero of a finite family of accretive operators in Banach spaces
K Sitthithakerngkiet, P Sunthrayuth, P Kumam
Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society 43 (1), 239-258, 2017
Existence solutions of vector equilibrium problems and fixed point of multivalued mappings
K Sitthithakerngkiet, S Plubtieng
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2013, 2013
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