Neil Grimsey Ph.D
Neil Grimsey Ph.D
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The yeast lipin Smp2 couples phospholipid biosynthesis to nuclear membrane growth
H Santos‐Rosa, J Leung, N Grimsey, S Peak‐Chew, S Siniossoglou
The EMBO journal 24 (11), 1931-1941, 2005
Azithromycin blocks autophagy and may predispose cystic fibrosis patients to mycobacterial infection
M Renna, C Schaffner, K Brown, S Shang, MH Tamayo, K Hegyi, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 121 (9), 2011
The human lipodystrophy gene BSCL2/seipin may be essential for normal adipocyte differentiation
VA Payne, N Grimsey, A Tuthill, S Virtue, SL Gray, E Dalla Nora, ...
Diabetes 57 (8), 2055-2060, 2008
Control of phospholipid synthesis by phosphorylation of the yeast lipin Pah1p/Smp2p Mg2+-dependent phosphatidate phosphatase
L O'Hara, GS Han, S Peak-Chew, N Grimsey, GM Carman, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (45), 34537-34548, 2006
Temporal and Spatial Regulation of the Phosphatidate Phosphatases Lipin 1 and 2∗
N Grimsey, GS Han, L O'Hara, JJ Rochford, GM Carman, S Siniossoglou
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (43), 29166-29174, 2008
Adaptor protein complex-2 (AP-2) and epsin-1 mediate protease-activated receptor-1 internalization via phosphorylation-and ubiquitination-dependent sorting signals
B Chen, MR Dores, N Grimsey, I Canto, BL Barker, JA Trejo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (47), 40760-40770, 2011
Two human ARFGAPs associated with COP‐I‐coated vesicles
G Frigerio, N Grimsey, M Dale, I Majoul, R Duden
Traffic 8 (11), 1644-1655, 2007
Evaluating the role of LPIN1 variation in insulin resistance, body weight, and human lipodystrophy in UK Populations
KA Fawcett, N Grimsey, RJF Loos, E Wheeler, A Daly, M Soos, R Semple, ...
Diabetes 57 (9), 2527-2533, 2008
The α-arrestin ARRDC3 mediates ALIX ubiquitination and G protein–coupled receptor lysosomal sorting
MR Dores, H Lin, NJ Grimsey, F Mendez, JA Trejo
Molecular biology of the cell 26 (25), 4660-4673, 2015
Distinct roles of the phosphatidate phosphatases lipin 1 and 2 during adipogenesis and lipid droplet biogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells
H Sembongi, M Miranda, GS Han, S Fakas, N Grimsey, J Vendrell, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (48), 34502-34513, 2013
ALIX Regulates the Ubiquitin-Independent Lysosomal Sorting of the P2Y1 Purinergic Receptor via a YPX3L Motif
MR Dores, NJ Grimsey, F Mendez, JA Trejo
PloS one 11 (6), e0157587, 2016
Ubiquitin plays an atypical role in GPCR-induced p38 MAP kinase activation on endosomes
NJ Grimsey, B Aguilar, TH Smith, P Le, AL Soohoo, MA Puthenveedu, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 210 (7), 1117-1131, 2015
The unfolded protein response regulator ATF6 promotes mesodermal differentiation
H Kroeger, N Grimsey, R Paxman, WC Chiang, L Plate, Y Jones, ...
Science signaling 11 (517), 2018
A general method for site specific fluorescent labeling of recombinant chemokines
T Kawamura, B Stephens, L Qin, X Yin, MR Dores, TH Smith, N Grimsey, ...
PloS one 9 (1), e81454, 2014
Recycling and endosomal sorting of protease-activated receptor-1 is distinctly regulated by Rab11A and Rab11B proteins
NJ Grimsey, LJ Coronel, IC Cordova, JA Trejo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (5), 2223-2236, 2016
A tyrosine switch on NEDD4-2 E3 ligase transmits GPCR inflammatory signaling
NJ Grimsey, R Narala, CC Rada, S Mehta, BS Stephens, I Kufareva, ...
Cell reports 24 (12), 3312-3323. e5, 2018
Endosomal signaling by protease-activated receptors
N Grimsey, H Lin, JA Trejo
Methods in enzymology 535, 389-401, 2014
Regulation of protease‐activated receptor signaling by post‐translational modifications
N Grimsey, AG Soto, JA Trejo
IUBMB life 63 (6), 403-411, 2011
G protein–coupled receptors activate p38 MAPK via a non-canonical TAB1–TAB2–and TAB1–TAB3–dependent pathway in endothelial cells
NJ Grimsey, Y Lin, R Narala, CC Rada, H Mejia-Pena, JA Trejo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (15), 5867-5878, 2019
Integration of endothelial protease-activated receptor-1 inflammatory signaling by ubiquitin
NJ Grimsey, JA Trejo
Current opinion in hematology 23 (3), 274, 2016
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