Nejat Anbarci
Nejat Anbarci
Professor Nejat Anbarci, Durham University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
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Earthquake fatalities: the interaction of nature and political economy
N Anbarci, M Escaleras, CA Register
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Public sector corruption and major earthquakes: a potentially deadly interaction
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Noncooperative foundations of the area monotonic solution
N Anbarci
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The ill effects of public sector corruption in the water and sanitation sector
N Anbarci, M Escaleras, CA Register
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How sensitive are bargaining outcomes to changes in disagreement payoffs?
N Anbarci, N Feltovich
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The area monotonic solution to the cooperative bargaining problem
N Anbarci, JP Bigelow
Mathematical Social Sciences 28 (2), 133-142, 1994
Traffic fatalities: does income inequality create an externality?
N Anbarci, M Escaleras, CA Register
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Reference functions and balanced concessions in bargaining
N Anbarci
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N Anbarci
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Simple characterizations of the Nash and Kalai/Smorodinsky solutions
N Anbarci
Theory and decision 45 (3), 255-261, 1998
Speed discounting and racial disparities: Evidence from speeding tickets in Boston
N Anbarci, J Lee
IZA Discussion Paper, 2008
Divide-the-dollar game revisited
N Anbarci
Theory and Decision 50 (4), 295-303, 2001
Marginal and interaction effects in ordered response models
D Mallick
Directed search, coordination failure, and seller profits: an experimental comparison of posted pricing with single and multiple prices
N Anbarci, N Feltovich
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Lying about the price? Ultimatum bargaining with messages and imperfectly observed offers
N Anbarcı, N Feltovich, MY Gürdal
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 116, 346-360, 2015
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