J. David Aguirre
J. David Aguirre
Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Limited scope for latitudinal extension of reef corals
PR Muir, CC Wallace, T Done, JD Aguirre
Science 348 (6239), 1135-1138, 2015
Comparing G: multivariate analysis of genetic variation in multiple populations
JD Aguirre, E Hine, K McGuigan, MW Blows
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Species identity and depth predict bleaching severity in reef-building corals: shall the deep inherit the reef?
PR Muir, PA Marshall, A Abdulla, JD Aguirre
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1864), 20171551, 2017
Genetic diversity increases population productivity in a sessile marine invertebrate
JD Aguirre, DJ Marshall
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The genetic covariance between life cycle stages separated by metamorphosis
JD Aguirre, MW Blows, DJ Marshall
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Evolution of genetic variance during adaptive radiation
GM Walter, JD Aguirre, MW Blows, D Ortiz-Barrientos
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Does genetic diversity reduce sibling competition?
JD Aguirre, DJ Marshall
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 66 (1), 94-102, 2012
Female song occurs in songbirds with more elaborate female coloration and reduced sexual dichromatism
WH Webb, DH Brunton, JD Aguirre, DB Thomas, M Valcu, J Dale
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Mechanisms of biotic resistance across complex life cycles
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Diversification across a heterogeneous landscape
GM Walter, MJ Wilkinson, ME James, TJ Richards, JD Aguirre, ...
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JD Aguirre, DC McNaught
Marine Biology 158 (3), 505-513, 2011
Conflicts in some of the World harbours: what needs to happen next?
S Pearson, W Windupranata, SW Pranowo, A Putri, Y Ma, A Vila-Concejo, ...
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Loved to pieces: Toward the sustainable management of the Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf
JD Aguirre, B Bollard-Breen, M Cameron, R Constantine, CAJ Duffy, ...
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Ontogenetic variability in the habitat associations of Haliotis iris in central New Zealand
JD Aguirre, DC McNaught
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Simultaneous Estimation of Additive and Mutational Genetic Variance in an Outbred Population of Drosophila serrata
K McGuigan, JD Aguirre, MW Blows
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Genetic compatibility underlies benefits of mate choice in an external fertilizer
JD Aguirre, MW Blows, DJ Marshall
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Habitat complexity mediates predation of juvenile abalone by starfish
JD Aguirre, DC McNaught
Marine Ecology Progress Series 487, 101-111, 2013
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