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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of methods to match building energy simulation models to measured data
D Coakley, P Raftery, M Keane
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 37, 123-141, 2014
Calibrating whole building energy models: An evidence-based methodology
P Raftery, M Keane, J O’Donnell
Energy and Buildings 43 (9), 2356-2364, 2011
Building operation and energy performance: Monitoring, analysis and optimisation toolkit
A Costa, MM Keane, JI Torrens, E Corry
Applied Energy 101, 310-316, 2013
Calibrating whole building energy models: Detailed case study using hourly measured data
P Raftery, M Keane, A Costa
Energy and buildings 43 (12), 3666-3679, 2011
Linking building data in the cloud: Integrating cross-domain building data using linked data
E Curry, J O’Donnell, E Corry, S Hasan, M Keane, S O’Riain
Advanced Engineering Informatics 27 (2), 206-219, 2013
Model calibration for building energy efficiency simulation
G Mustafaraj, D Marini, A Costa, M Keane
Applied Energy 130, 72-85, 2014
Improving building operation by tracking performance metrics throughout the building lifecycle (BLC)
DTJ O’Sullivan, MM Keane, D Kelliher, RJ Hitchcock
Energy and buildings 36 (11), 1075-1090, 2004
A performance assessment ontology for the environmental and energy management of buildings
E Corry, P Pauwels, S Hu, M Keane, J O'Donnell
Automation in Construction 57, 249-259, 2015
Towards a wireless sensor platform for energy efficient building operation
K Menzel, D Pesch, B O'Flynn, M Keane, C O'Mathuna
Tsinghua Science and Technology 13 (S1), 381-386, 2008
Formal calibration methodology for CFD models of naturally ventilated indoor environments
M Hajdukiewicz, M Geron, MM Keane
Building and Environment 59, 290-302, 2013
Calibrated CFD simulation to evaluate thermal comfort in a highly-glazed naturally ventilated room
M Hajdukiewicz, M Geron, MM Keane
Building and Environment 70, 73-89, 2013
Using indicators to profile energy consumption and to inform energy policy in a university—A case study in Ireland
BPÓ Gallachóir, M Keane, E Morrissey, J O’Donnell
Energy and Buildings 39 (8), 913-922, 2007
Review of automated fault detection and diagnostic tools in air handling units
K Bruton, P Raftery, B Kennedy, MM Keane, DTJ O’sullivan
Energy efficiency 7 (2), 335-351, 2014
Calibration of a detailed simulation model to energy monitoring system data: a methodology and case study
P Raftery, M Keane, A Costa
Proceedings of the 11th IBPSA Conference, Glasgow, UK, 2009
ArDOT: a tool to optimise environmental design of buildings
MM Mourshed, D Kelliher, M Keane
Ontology-based facility data model for energy management
NM Tomašević, MČ Batić, LM Blanes, MM Keane, S Vraneš
Advanced Engineering Informatics 29 (4), 971-984, 2015
Building performance optimization using cross-domain scenario modeling, linked data, and complex event processing
J O’Donnell, E Corry, S Hasan, M Keane, E Curry
Building and Environment 62, 102-111, 2013
Development and alpha testing of a cloud based automated fault detection and diagnosis tool for Air Handling Units
K Bruton, P Raftery, P O'Donovan, N Aughney, MM Keane, DTJ O'Sullivan
Automation in Construction 39, 70-83, 2014
An Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) assessment of a partially-retrofitted university building
S Zuhaib, R Manton, C Griffin, M Hajdukiewicz, MM Keane, J Goggins
Building and Environment 139, 69-85, 2018
Scenario modelling: A holistic environmental and energy management method for building operation optimisation
J O’Donnell, M Keane, E Morrissey, V Bazjanac
Energy and Buildings 62, 146-157, 2013
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