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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Plate-boundary deformation associated with the great Sumatra–Andaman earthquake
C Subarya, M Chlieh, L Prawirodirdjo, JP Avouac, Y Bock, K Sieh, ...
Nature 440 (7080), 46-51, 2006
Earthquake supercycles inferred from sea-level changes recorded in the corals of west Sumatra
K Sieh, DH Natawidjaja, AJ Meltzner, CC Shen, H Cheng, KS Li, ...
Science 322 (5908), 1674-1678, 2008
Partial rupture of a locked patch of the Sumatra megathrust during the 2007 earthquake sequence
AO Konca, JP Avouac, A Sladen, AJ Meltzner, K Sieh, P Fang, Z Li, ...
Nature 456 (7222), 631-635, 2008
Deformation and slip along the Sunda megathrust in the great 2005 Nias-Simeulue earthquake
RW Briggs, K Sieh, AJ Meltzner, D Natawidjaja, J Galetzka, B Suwargadi, ...
Science 311 (5769), 1897-1901, 2006
Uplift and subsidence associated with the great Aceh‐Andaman earthquake of 2004
AJ Meltzner, K Sieh, M Abrams, DC Agnew, KW Hudnut, JP Avouac, ...
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Rupture kinematics of the 2005 Mw 8.6 Nias–Simeulue earthquake from the joint inversion of seismic and geodetic data
AO Konca, V Hjorleifsdottir, TRA Song, JP Avouac, DV Helmberger, C Ji, ...
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Variation of initial 230Th/232Th and limits of high precision U–Th dating of shallow-water corals
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Coral evidence for earthquake recurrence and an AD 1390–1455 cluster at the south end of the 2004 Aceh–Andaman rupture
AJ Meltzner, K Sieh, HW Chiang, CC Shen, BW Suwargadi, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B10), 2010
Persistent termini of 2004‐and 2005‐like ruptures of the Sunda megathrust
AJ Meltzner, K Sieh, HW Chiang, CC Shen, BW Suwargadi, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 117 (B4), 2012
Rupture across arc segment and plate boundaries in the 1 April 2007 Solomons earthquake
FW Taylor, RW Briggs, C Frohlich, A Brown, M Hornbach, AK Papabatu, ...
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Paleoseismic evidence of characteristic slip on the western segment of the North Anatolian fault, Turkey
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Segmentation and supercycles: A catalog of earthquake rupture patterns from the Sumatran Sunda Megathrust and other well-studied faults worldwide
B Philibosian, AJ Meltzner
Quaternary Science Reviews 241, 106390, 2020
Time-varying interseismic strain rates and similar seismic ruptures on the Nias–Simeulue patch of the Sunda megathrust
AJ Meltzner, K Sieh, HW Chiang, CC Wu, LLH Tsang, CC Shen, EM Hill, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 122, 258-281, 2015
Palaeoseismology of the North Anatolian Fault near the Marmara Sea: implications for fault segmentation and seismic hazard
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Coral-based history of lead and lead isotopes of the surface Indian Ocean since the mid-20th century
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Tide gauge records show that the 18.61‐year nodal tidal cycle can change high water levels by up to 30 cm
D Peng, EM Hill, AJ Meltzner, AD Switzer
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 124 (1), 736-749, 2019
Preliminary report on the 16 October 1999 M 7.1 Hector Mine, California, earthquake
Scientists from the US Geological Survey, Southern California Earthquake ...
Seismological Research Letters 71 (1), 11-23, 2000
Half-metre sea-level fluctuations on centennial timescales from mid-Holocene corals of Southeast Asia
AJ Meltzner, AD Switzer, BP Horton, E Ashe, Q Qiu, DF Hill, SL Bradley, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 14387, 2017
Kinematic behavior of southern Alaska constrained by westward decreasing postglacial slip rates on the Denali Fault, Alaska
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Foreshocks and aftershocks of the great 1857 California earthquake
AJ Meltzner, DJ Wald
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 89 (4), 1109-1120, 1999
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