Andreas Espinoza
Andreas Espinoza
Senior Consultant Anaesthesia, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet, Oslo Norway üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Agreement between PiCCO pulse‐contour analysis, pulmonal artery thermodilution and transthoracic thermodilution during off‐pump coronary artery by‐pass surgery
PS Halvorsen, A Espinoza, R Lundblad, M Cvancarova, PK Hol, E Fosse, ...
Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica 50 (9), 1050-1057, 2006
Advantages of strain echocardiography in assessment of myocardial function in severe sepsis: an experimental study
SM Hestenes, PS Halvorsen, H Skulstad, EW Remme, A Espinoza, ...
Critical care medicine 42 (6), e432-e440, 2014
Endoscopic treatment of bronchial carcinoids in comparison to surgical resection: a retrospective study
K Neyman, A Sundset, A Naalsund, A Espinoza, S Solberg, J Kongerud, ...
Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology 19 (1), 29-34, 2012
Detection of myocardial ischaemia by epicardial accelerometers in the pig
PS Halvorsen, LA Fleischer, A Espinoza, OJ Elle, L Hoff, H Skulstad, ...
British journal of anaesthesia 102 (1), 29-37, 2009
Feasibility of a three-axis epicardial accelerometer in detecting myocardial ischemia in cardiac surgical patients
PS Halvorsen, A Espinoza, LA Fleischer, OJ Elle, L Hoff, R Lundblad, ...
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery 136 (6), 1496-1502, 2008
Effects of therapeutic hypothermia on left ventricular function assessed by ultrasound imaging
A Espinoza, V Kerans, A Opdahl, H Skulstad, PS Halvorsen, JF Bugge, ...
Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 26 (11), 1353-1363, 2013
Automatic real-time detection of myocardial ischemia by epicardial accelerometer
P Halvorsen, E Remme, A Espinoza, L Hoff, H Skulstad, T Edvardsen, ...
Critical Care 13 (1), 1-1, 2009
Detecting myocardial ischaemia using miniature ultrasonic transducers—a feasibility study in a porcine model
A Espinoza, PS Halvorsen, L Hoff, H Skulstad, E Fosse, H Ihlen, ...
European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery 37 (1), 119-126, 2010
Automated detection of myocardial ischaemia by epicardial miniature ultrasound transducers—a novel tool for patient monitoring during cardiac surgery
A Espinoza, PS Halvorsen, H Skulstad, R Lundblad, JF Bugge, L Hoff, ...
European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 39 (1), 53-57, 2011
Critical airway obstruction: challenges in airway management and ventilation during therapeutic bronchoscopy
A Espinoza, K Neumann, PS Halvorsen, A Sundset, J Kongerud, E Fosse
Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology 22 (1), 41-47, 2015
Survival and complications after interventional bronchoscopy in malignant central airway obstruction: a single-center experience
K Neyman, A Sundset, A Espinoza, J Kongerud, E Fosse
Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology 18 (3), 233-238, 2011
Cardiac monitoring using transducers attached directly to the heart
L Hoff, A Espinoza, H Ihlen
2008 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 749-752, 2008
Assessment of 3D motion increases the applicability of accelerometers for monitoring left ventricular function
OJHN Grymyr, EW Remme, A Espinoza, H Skulstad, OJ Elle, E Fosse, ...
Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery 20 (3), 329-337, 2015
Systolic left ventricular function is preserved during therapeutic hypothermia, also during increases in heart rate with impaired diastolic filling
V Kerans, A Espinoza, H Skulstad, PS Halvorsen, T Edvardsen, JF Bugge
Intensive care medicine experimental 3 (1), 1-17, 2015
Continuous monitoring of cardiac function by 3-dimensional accelerometers in a closed-chest pig model
OJHN Grymyr, ATT Nguyen, F Tjulkins, A Espinoza, EW Remme, ...
Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery 21 (5), 573-582, 2015
Changes in quality of life, dyspnea scores, and lung function in lung cancer patients with airway obstruction after a therapeutic bronchoscopy
K Neumann, A Sundset, A Espinoza, J Kongerud, E Fosse
Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology 20 (2), 134-139, 2013
Left ventricular function can be continuously monitored with an epicardially attached accelerometer sensor
S Hyler, A Espinoza, H Skulstad, E Fosse, PS Halvorsen
European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 46 (2), 313-320, 2014
Wide sternal retraction may impede internal mammary artery graft flow and reduce myocardial function during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: presentation of two cases
A Espinoza, J Bergsland, R Lundblad, E Fosse
Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery 15 (1), 42-44, 2012
Single-centre first experience with transapical transcatheter mitral valve replacement with an apical tether: factors influencing screening outcomes
G Dahle, T Helle-Valle, JO Beitnes, A Espinoza, PS Halvorsen, KA Rein
Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery 28 (5), 695-703, 2019
Accelerometer detects pump thrombosis and thromboembolic events in an in vitro HVAD circuit
I Schalit, A Espinoza, FJ Pettersen, APS Thiara, H Karlsen, G Sørensen, ...
Asaio Journal 64 (5), 601-609, 2018
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