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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Modeling the impact of short-and long-term behavior on search personalization
PN Bennett, RW White, W Chu, ST Dumais, P Bailey, F Borisyuk, X Cui
Proceedings of the 35th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and …, 2012
Measuring search engine quality
D Hawking, N Craswell, P Bailey, K Griffihs
Information Retrieval 4 (1), 33-59, 2001
Predicting user interests from contextual information
RW White, P Bailey, L Chen
Proceedings of the 32nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and …, 2009
Overview of the trec-8 web track
D Hawking, E Voorhees, N Craswell, P Bailey
TREC, 1999
Engineering a multi-purpose test collection for web retrieval experiments
P Bailey, N Craswell, D Hawking
Information Processing & Management 39 (6), 853-871, 2003
Relevance assessment: are judges exchangeable and does it matter
P Bailey, N Craswell, I Soboroff, P Thomas, AP de Vries, E Yilmaz
Proceedings of the 31st annual international ACM SIGIR conference on …, 2008
Overview of the TREC 2007 Enterprise Track.
P Bailey, AP De Vries, N Craswell, I Soboroff
TREC, 2007
Server selection on the world wide web
N Craswell, P Bailey, D Hawking
Proceedings of the fifth ACM conference on Digital libraries, 37-46, 2000
Overview of the TREC 2008 enterprise track
K Balog, P Thomas, N Craswell, I Soboroff, P Bailey, AP De Vries
Amsterdam Univ (Netherlands), 2008
Modeling Intent and Ranking Search Results Using Activity-based Context
RW White, PN Bennett, ST Dumais, PR Bailey, FV Borisyuk, X Cui
US Patent App. 12/970,875, 2012
Understanding the relationship of information need specificity to search query length
N Phan, P Bailey, R Wilkinson
Proceedings of the 30th annual international ACM SIGIR conference on …, 2007
Ranking authors in social media systems
PR Bailey, C Carson, SJ Counts, NB Dandekar, HJ Lee, SU Nabar, A Pal, ...
US Patent 9,324,112, 2016
Automated discovery aggregation and organization of subject area discussions
PR Bailey, DR Schwartz
US Patent 8,626,768, 2014
Relevance and effort: An analysis of document utility
E Yilmaz, M Verma, N Craswell, F Radlinski, P Bailey
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM International Conference on Conference on …, 2014
Method and system for information retrieval and processing
PR Bailey
US Patent App. 12/739,924, 2010
User Variability and IR System Evaluation
P Bailey, A Moffat, F Scholer, P Thomas
Proceedings of the 38th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and …, 2015
The CSIRO enterprise search test collection
P Bailey, N Craswell, I Soboroff, AP de Vries
ACM SIGIR Forum 41 (2), 42-45, 2007
UQV100: A test collection with query variability
P Bailey, A Moffat, F Scholer, P Thomas
Proceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR conference on Research and …, 2016
Mining historic query trails to label long and rare search engine queries
P Bailey, RW White, H Liu, G Kumaran
ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB) 4 (4), 1-27, 2010
Incorporating user expectations and behavior into the measurement of search effectiveness
A Moffat, P Bailey, F Scholer, P Thomas
ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) 35 (3), 1-38, 2017
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