Pierpaolo Trimboli
Pierpaolo Trimboli
Endocrinology, EOC
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Ultrasound sensitivity for thyroid malignancy is increased by real-time elastography: a prospective multicenter study
P Trimboli, R Guglielmi, S Monti, I Misischi, F Graziano, N Nasrollah, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (12), 4524-4530, 2012
Detection rate of FNA cytology in medullary thyroid carcinoma: a meta‐analysis
P Trimboli, G Treglia, L Guidobaldi, F Romanelli, G Nigri, S Valabrega, ...
Clinical Endocrinology 82 (2), 280-285, 2015
Trend in thyroid carcinoma size, age at diagnosis, and histology in a retrospective study of 500 cases diagnosed over 20 years
P Trimboli, S Ulisse, FM Graziano, A Marzullo, M Ruggieri, A Calvanese, ...
Thyroid 16 (11), 1151-1155, 2006
Unstimulated highly sensitive thyroglobulin in follow-up of differentiated thyroid cancer patients: a meta-analysis
L Giovanella, G Treglia, R Sadeghi, P Trimboli, L Ceriani, FA Verburg
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 99 (2), 440-447, 2014
Thyroglobulin levels and thyroglobulin doubling time independently predict a positive 18 F-FDG PET/CT scan in patients with biochemical recurrence of differentiated thyroid …
L Giovanella, P Trimboli, FA Verburg, G Treglia, A Piccardo, L Foppiani, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 40 (6), 874-880, 2013
Thin core biopsy should help to discriminate thyroid nodules cytologically classified as indeterminate. A new sampling technique
N Nasrollah, P Trimboli, L Guidobaldi, DDC Modica, C Ventura, ...
Endocrine 43 (3), 659-665, 2013
Calcitonin measurement in aspiration needle washout fluids has higher sensitivity than cytology in detecting medullary thyroid cancer: a retrospective multicentre study
P Trimboli, N Cremonini, L Ceriani, E Saggiorato, L Guidobaldi, ...
Clinical endocrinology 80 (1), 135-140, 2014
The use of core needle biopsy as first-line in diagnosis of thyroid nodules reduces false negative and inconclusive data reported by fine-needle aspiration
P Trimboli, N Nasrollah, L Guidobaldi, S Taccogna, DDC Modica, ...
World journal of surgical oncology 12 (1), 1-6, 2014
Medullary thyroid cancer diagnosis: an appraisal
P Trimboli, L Giovanella, A Crescenzi, F Romanelli, S Valabrega, ...
Head & neck 36 (8), 1216-1223, 2014
Serum calcitonin negative medullary thyroid carcinoma: a systematic review of the literature
P Trimboli, L Giovanella
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) 53 (10), 1507-1514, 2015
Patient’s comfort with and tolerability of thyroid core needle biopsy
N Nasrollah, P Trimboli, F Rossi, S Amendola, L Guidobaldi, C Ventura, ...
Endocrine 45 (1), 79-83, 2014
Preoperative measurement of serum thyroglobulin to predict malignancy in thyroid nodules: a systematic review
P Trimboli, G Treglia, L Giovanella
Hormone and Metabolic Research 47 (04), 247-252, 2015
Should we use ultrasound features associated with papillary thyroid cancer in diagnosing medullary thyroid cancer?
P Trimboli, N Nasrollah, S Amendola, F Rossi, G Ramacciato, ...
Endocrine journal, 1203170689-1203170689, 2012
Diagnostic value of thyroglobulin assay in cervical lymph node fine-needle aspirations for metastatic differentiated thyroid cancer
L Giovanella, M Bongiovanni, P Trimboli
Current opinion in oncology 25 (1), 6-13, 2013
Comparison of malignancy rate in thyroid nodules with cytology of indeterminate follicular or indeterminate Hürthle cell neoplasm
S Sorrenti, P Trimboli, A Catania, S Ulisse, E De Antoni, M D'Armiento
Thyroid 19 (4), 355-360, 2009
Thyroid papillary carcinoma arising in ectopic thyroid tissue within a neck branchial cyst
A Fumarola, P Trimboli, R Cavaliere, I Coletta, A Veltri, A Di Fiore, ...
World Journal of Surgical Oncology 4 (1), 1-4, 2006
Liquid and softgel levothyroxine use in clinical practice: state of the art
C Virili, P Trimboli, F Romanelli, M Centanni
Endocrine 54 (1), 3-14, 2016
Procalcitonin for detecting medullary thyroid carcinoma: a systematic review
P Trimboli, E Seregni, G Treglia, M Alevizaki, L Giovanella
Endocr Relat Cancer 22 (3), R157-64, 2015
Clinical characteristics as predictors of malignancy in patients with indeterminate thyroid cytology: a meta-analysis
P Trimboli, G Treglia, L Guidobaldi, E Saggiorato, G Nigri, A Crescenzi, ...
Endocrine 46 (1), 52-59, 2014
Efficacy of thermal ablation in benign non-functioning solid thyroid nodule: a systematic review and meta-analysis
P Trimboli, M Castellana, LM Sconfienza, C Virili, LC Pescatori, ...
Endocrine 67 (1), 35-43, 2020
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