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Benayad Nsiri
Benayad Nsiri
ENSAM-Rabat Université Mohammed V de Rabat
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The detection of Parkinson disease using the genetic algorithm and SVM classifier
Z Soumaya, BD Taoufiq, N Benayad, K Yunus, A Abdelkrim
Applied Acoustics 171, 107528, 2021
Blind marine seismic deconvolution using statistical MCMC methods
O Rosec, JM Boucher, B Nsiri, T Chonavel
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 28 (3), 502-512, 2003
Underwater image processing method for fish localization and detection in submarine environment
M Boudhane, B Nsiri
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 39, 226-238, 2016
System identification of inventory system using ARX and ARMAX models
S Rachad, B Nsiri, B Bensassi
International Journal of Control and Automation, 2015
System identification of inventory system using ARX and ARMAX models
S Rachad, B Nsiri, B Bensassi
International Journal of Control and Automation, 2015
Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease based on wavelet transform and mel frequency cepstral coefficients
TB Drissi, S Zayrit, B Nsiri, A Ammoummou
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 10 (3), 2019
An automatic retinal vessel segmentation approach based on Convolutional Neural Networks
M Chala, B Nsiri, MH El yousfi Alaoui, A Soulaymani, A Mokhtari, B Benaji
Expert Systems with Applications 184, 115459, 2021
A hybrid routing protocol for VANET using ontology
H Toulni, B Nsiri
Procedia Computer Science 73, 94-101, 2015
Predicting DOS-DDOS attacks: Review and evaluation study of feature selection methods based on wrapper process
K Bouzoubaa, Y Taher, B Nsiri
Int. J. Adv. Comput. Sci. Appl 12 (5), 132-145, 2021
An approach to avoid traffic congestion using VANET
H Toulni, B Nsiri, M Boulmalf, M Bakhouya, T Sadiki
2014 International Conference on Next Generation Networks and Services (NGNS …, 2014
A hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for the capacitated location routing problem
L Kechmane, B Nsiri, A Baalal
International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics 11 (1), 106-120, 2018
A hybrid method for the diagnosis and classifying parkinson's patients based on time–frequency domain properties and K-nearest neighbor
Z Soumaya, BD Taoufiq, N Benayad, B Achraf, A Ammoumou
Journal of Medical Signals & Sensors 10 (1), 60-66, 2020
Diagnosis of Parkinson disease using the wavelet transform and MFCC and SVM classifier
Z Soumaya, BD Taoufiq, B Nsiri, A Abdelkrim
2019 4th World Conference on Complex Systems (WCCS), 1-6, 2019
Blind submarine seismic deconvolution for long source wavelets
B Nsiri, T Chonavel, JM Boucher, HÉ Nouze
IEEE journal of oceanic engineering 32 (3), 729-743, 2007
ECG signal diagnosis using Discrete Wavelet Transform and K-Nearest Neighbor classifier.
Y Toulni, T Belhoussine Drissi, B Nsiri
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Networking, Information …, 2021
Throughput optimization Via the Packet length and transmission rate for wireless OFDM system in downlink transmission
Y Fakhri, B Nsiri, D Aboutajdine, J Vidal
International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security 6 (3B), 41-46, 2006
Electrocardiogram signals classification using discrete wavelet transform and support vector machine classifier
Y Toulni, N Benayad, BD Taoufiq
Int J Artif Intell ISSN 2252 (8938), 8938, 2021
Optimizing road traffic of emergency vehicles
H Elmandili, H Toulni, B Nsiri
2013 international conference on advanced logistics and transport, 59-62, 2013
Optimization of a two-echelon location lot-sizing routing problem with deterministic demand
L Kechmane, B Nsiri, A Baalal
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2018, 2018
Inventory management in closed loop structure using KPIs
S Rachad, Z El Idrissi Larabi, B Nsiri, B Bensassi
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2017
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