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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of network-based approaches to drug repositioning
M Lotfi Shahreza, N Ghadiri, SR Mousavi, J Varshosaz, JR Green
Briefings in bioinformatics 19 (5), 878-892, 2018
New optimal solution to disjoint set K-coverage for lifetime extension in wireless sensor networks
M Ashouri, Z Zali, SR Mousavi, MR Hashemi
IET Wireless Sensor Systems 2 (1), 31-39, 2012
XPath query satisfiability is in PTIME for real-world DTDs
M Montazerian, PT Wood, SR Mousavi
International XML Database Symposium, 17-30, 2007
An improved algorithm for the longest common subsequence problem
SR Mousavi, F Tabataba
Computers & Operations Research 39 (3), 512-520, 2012
An incremental intrusion detection system using a new semi‐supervised stream classification method
F Noorbehbahani, A Fanian, R Mousavi, H Hasannejad
International Journal of Communication Systems 30 (4), e3002, 2017
Artificial neural network modeling of process and product indices in deep bed drying of rough rice
M Tohidi, M Sadeghi, SR Mousavi, SA Mireei
Turkish journal of agriculture and forestry 36 (6), 738-748, 2012
An incremental mixed data clustering method using a new distance measure
F Noorbehbahani, SR Mousavi, A Mirzaei
Soft Computing 19 (3), 731-743, 2015
An improved heuristic for the far from most strings problem
SR Mousavi, M Babaie, M Montazerian
Journal of Heuristics 18 (2), 239-262, 2012
Effective haplotype assembly via maximum Boolean satisfiability
SR Mousavi, M Mirabolghasemi, N Bargesteh, M Talebi
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 404 (2), 593-598, 2011
A hyper-heuristic for the longest common subsequence problem
FS Tabataba, SR Mousavi
Computational biology and chemistry 36, 42-54, 2012
Heter-LP: A heterogeneous label propagation algorithm and its application in drug repositioning
ML Shahreza, N Ghadiri, SR Mousavi, J Varshosaz, JR Green
Journal of biomedical informatics 68, 167-183, 2017
A new hybrid algorithm for the balanced transportation problem
MS Sabbagh, H Ghafari, SR Mousavi
Computers & Industrial Engineering 82, 115-126, 2015
A memetic algorithm for closest string problem and farthest string problem
M Babaie, SR Mousavi
2010 18th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, 570-575, 2010
An enhanced beam search algorithm for the shortest common supersequence problem
SR Mousavi, F Bahri, FS Tabataba
Engineering applications of artificial intelligence 25 (3), 457-467, 2012
Simplification Of Teleo-Reactive sequences
SR Mousavi, K Broda
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Department of Computing, 2003
A GRASP algorithm for the Closest String Problem using a probability-based heuristic
SR Mousavi, NN Esfahani
Computers & operations research 39 (2), 238-248, 2012
An improved heuristic for haplotype inference
S Ramadhani, SR Mousavi, M Talebi
Gene 507 (2), 177-182, 2012
Exhaustive enumeration of elementary trapping sets of an arbitrary Tanner graph
H Falsafain, SR Mousavi
IEEE Communications Letters 20 (9), 1713-1716, 2016
Improved haplotype assembly using Xor genotypes
SR Mousavi
Journal of theoretical biology 298, 122-130, 2012
HIV-1-infected T-cells dynamics and prognosis: An evolutionary game model
B Khazaei, JS Sartakhti, MH Manshaei, Q Zhu, M Sadeghi, SR Mousavi
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 152, 1-14, 2017
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