William Zahner
William Zahner
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mathematics teaching practices with technology that support conceptual understanding for Latino/a students
W Zahner, G Velazquez, J Moschkovich, P Vahey, T Lara-Meloy
The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 31 (4), 431-446, 2012
Validating a learning progression in mathematical functions for college readiness
D Bernbaum Wilmot, A Schoenfeld, M Wilson, D Champney, W Zahner
Mathematical Thinking and Learning 13 (4), 259-291, 2011
English learners in K–12 mathematics education: A review of the literature
Z de Araujo, SA Roberts, C Willey, W Zahner
Review of Educational Research 88 (6), 879-919, 2018
Bilingual students using two languages during peer mathematics discussions:¿ Qué significa? Estudiantes bilingües usando dos idiomas en sus discusiones matemáticas: What does …
W Zahner, J Moschkovich
Latinos/as and mathematics education: Research on learning and teaching in …, 2011
The rise and run of a computational understanding of slope in a conceptually focused bilingual algebra class
W Zahner
Educational Studies in Mathematics 88 (1), 19-41, 2015
Relation of spatial skills to calculus proficiency: A brief report
JG Cromley, JL Booth, TW Wills, BL Chang, N Tran, M Madeja, TF Shipley, ...
Mathematical Thinking and Learning 19 (1), 55-68, 2017
Talking while computing in groups: The not-so-private functions of computational private speech in mathematical discussions
W Zahner, J Moschkovich
Mind, Culture, and Activity 17 (3), 265-283, 2010
Using the academic literacy in mathematics framework to uncover multiple aspects of activity during peer mathematical discussions
J Moschkovich, W Zahner
ZDM 50 (6), 999-1011, 2018
" Nobody Can Sit There": Two Perspectives on How Mathematics Problems in Context Mediate Group Problem Solving Discussions.
W Zahner
REDIMAT-Journal of Research in Mathematics Education 1 (2), 105-135, 2012
ELLs and group work: It can be done well
WC Zahner
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 18 (3), 156-164, 2012
Developing and refining a framework for mathematical and linguistic complexity in tasks related to rates of change
W Zahner, H Milbourne, L Wynn
The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 52, 21-36, 2018
Fostering a culture of discourse in secondary mathematics classrooms: Equity approaches in teaching and teacher education for emergent bilingual students
C Aquino-Sterling, F Rodríguez-Valls, W Zahner
Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social (RIEJS), 2016
The social organization of a middle school mathematics group discussion
W Zahner, J Moschkovich
Modeling Students' Mathematical Modeling Competencies, 373-383, 2013
Coordinating multiple representations of polynomials: What do patterns in students' solution strategies reveal?
W Zahner, T Dai, JG Cromley, TW Wills, JL Booth, TF Shipley, ...
Learning and Instruction 49, 131-141, 2017
How to do math with words: Learning algebra through peer discussions
WC Zahner
University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011
Examining the Recruitment, Placement, and Career Trajectories of Secondary Mathematics Teachers Prepared for High-Need Schools.
W Zahner, S Chapin, R Levine, L He, R Afonso
Teachers College Record 121 (2), n2, 2019
Reading graphs of motion: How multiple textual resources mediate student interpretations of horizontal segments
J Moschkovich, W Zahner, T Ball
Discourse analytic perspectives on STEM education, 31-51, 2017
Mathematics education and English learners
Z de Araujo, SA Roberts, C Anhalt, M Civil, A Fernandes, J Moschkovich, ...
Proceedings of the 37th annual meeting for the North American Chapter for …, 2015
Reconciling Representations
W Zahner, N Dent
The Mathematics Teacher 108 (5), 344-354, 2014
Reasoning about a graph of motion and a story: how multiple resources mediate interpretations of horizontal segments
W Zahner, JN Moschkovich, T Ball
Proceedings of PME 32 1, 370, 2008
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