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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The impact of occupational injury on injured worker and family: outcomes of upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders in Maryland workers
JP Keogh, I Nuwayhid, JL Gordon, PW Gucer
American journal of industrial medicine 38 (5), 498-506, 2000
Narghile (hubble-bubble) smoking, low birth weight, and other pregnancy outcomes
IA Nuwayhid, B Yamout, G Azar, MAK Kambris
American journal of epidemiology 148 (4), 375-383, 1998
Occupational health research in developing countries: a partner for social justice
IA Nuwayhid
American Journal of Public Health 94 (11), 1916-1921, 2004
Inadequacies of death certification in Beirut: who is responsible?
AM Sibai, I Nuwayhid, M Beydoun, M Chaaya
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 80, 555-561, 2002
Summer 2006 war on Lebanon: A lesson in community resilience
I Nuwayhid, H Zurayk, R Yamout, CS Cortas
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Health of children working in small urban industrial shops
IA Nuwayhid, J Usta, M Makarem, A Khudr, A El-Zein
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Cost of work-related injuries in insured workplaces in Lebanon
R Fayad, I Nuwayhid, H Tamim, K Kassak, M Khogali
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 81, 509-516, 2003
Health and ecological sustainability in the Arab world: a matter of survival
A El-Zein, S Jabbour, B Tekce, H Zurayk, I Nuwayhid, M Khawaja, T Tell, ...
The Lancet 383 (9915), 458-476, 2014
Why do neighbors have different environmental priorities? Analysis of environmental risk perception in a Beirut neighborhood
A El‐Zein, R Nasrallah, I Nuwayhid, L Kai, J Makhoul
Risk Analysis: An International Journal 26 (2), 423-435, 2006
The challenges of sustainable access to safe drinking water in rural areas of developing countries: Case of zawtar el-charkieh, Southern Lebanon
A Al-Abady, MA Massoud, I Nuwayhid, M Jurdi
Publication Name: Journal of Environmental Health; Publication Year: 2010 …, 2010
The effect of different ventilation modes on in-vehicle carbon monoxide exposure
LA Esber, M El-Fadel, I Nuwayhid, N Saliba
Atmospheric Environment 41 (17), 3644-3657, 2007
Mapping the health and environmental situation in informal zones in Aleppo, Syria: report from the Aleppo household survey
W Maziak, KD Ward, F Mzayek, S Rastam, ME Bachir, MF Fouad, ...
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Musculoskeletal disorders among full-time homemakers in poor communities
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Evidence of neurotoxicity in working children in Lebanon
B Saddik, I Nuwayhid, A Williamson, D Black
Neurotoxicology 24 (4-5), 733-739, 2003
Iron deficiency in young Lebanese children: association with elevated blood lead levels
S Muwakkit, I Nuwayhid, M Nabulsi, R al Hajj, R Khoury, M Mikati, ...
Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology 30 (5), 382-386, 2008
Blood lead concentrations in 1–3 year old Lebanese children: a cross-sectional study
I Nuwayhid, M Nabulsi, S Muwakkit, S Kouzi, G Salem, M Mikati, M Ariss
Environmental health 2 (1), 5, 2003
Case‐control study of cancer risk in tetraethyl lead manufacturing
WE Fayerweather, ME Karns, IA Nuwayhid, TJ Nelson
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Did a ban on diesel-fuel reduce emergency respiratory admissions for children?
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The effects of solvent exposure on memory and motor dexterity in working children
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Interdisciplinary approach to environmental education
L Semerjian, M El-Fadel, R Zurayk, I Nuwayhid
Journal of professional issues in engineering education and practice 130 (3 …, 2004
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