Şule Itır Satoğlu, PhD
Şule Itır Satoğlu, PhD
Professor of Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A goal-programming approach for design of hybrid cellular manufacturing systems in dual resource constrained environments
SI Satoglu, NC Suresh
Computers & industrial engineering 56 (2), 560-575, 2009
Design of a just-in-time periodic material supply system for the assembly lines and an application in electronics industry
SI Satoglu, IE Sahin
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 65 (1-4), 319-332, 2013
Evaluation of the conversion from central storage to decentralized storages in cellular manufacturing environments using activity-based costing
SI Satoglu, MB Durmusoglu, I Dogan
International Journal of Production Economics 103 (2), 616-632, 2006
A mathematical model and a heuristic approach for design of the hybrid manufacturing systems to facilitate one-piece flow
SI Satoglu, MB Durmusoglu, T Ertay
International Journal of Production Research 48 (17), 5195-5220, 2010
U-shaped Assembly Line Worker Assignment and Balancing Problem: a Mathematical Model and Two Meta-heuristics
MK Öksüz, K Buyukozkan, SI Satoglu
Computers & Industrial Engineering 112, 246-264, 2017
A goal programming model for sustainable reverse logistics operations planning and an application
A Bal, SI Satoglu
Journal of cleaner production 201, 1081-1091, 2018
Axiomatic design of hybrid manufacturing systems in erratic demand conditions
MB Durmusoglu, SI Satoglu
International Journal of Production Research 49 (17), 5231-5261, 2011
Lexicographic Bottleneck Mixed-model Assembly Line Balancing Problem: Artificial Bee Colony and Tabu Search Approaches with Optimised Parameters
K Buyukozkan, I Kucukkoc, SI Satoglu, D Zhang
Expert Systems with Applications 50, 151-166, 2016
A simulation-based methodology for the analysis of the effect of lean tools on energy efficiency: An application in power distribution industry
S Baysan, O Kabadurmus, E Cevikcan, SI Satoglu, MB Durmusoglu
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Lean Production Systems for Industry 4.0
SI Satoglu, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Industry 4.0: Managing the Digital Transformation, 43-59, 2018
Lean Transformation Integrated with Industry 4.0 Implementation Methodology
S Satoglu, E Ustundag, Alp, Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Industrial Engineering in the Industry 4.0 Era 1, 97-107, 2018
Multi-attribute material handling equipment selection using information axiom
O Kulak, SI Satoglu, MB Durmusoglu
The Third International Conference on Axiomatic Design, Seoul, Korea, 2004
A novel robot arm selection methodology based on axiomatic design principles
MC Bahadir, SI Satoglu
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 71 (9-12 …, 2014
A mathematical model and artificial bee colony algorithm for the lexicographic bottleneck mixed-model assembly line balancing problem
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System parameter selection with information axiom for the new product introduction to the hybrid manufacturing systems under dual-resource constraint
T Ertay, SI Satoğlu
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Redesigning the Material Supply System of the Automotive Suppliers Based on Lean Principles and An Application
SI Satoglu, K Ucan
Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Conference-IEOM 2015, 2015
A field study on measuring the lean maturity level in manufacturing firms in Turkey
Endüstri Mühendisliği Dergisi 14 (3), 2003
Assessment of Energy Efficiency in Lean Transformation: A Simulation Based Improvement Methodology
S Baysan, E Cevikcan, ŞI Satoglu
Assessment and Simulation Tools for Sustainable Energy Systems: Theory and …, 2013
Value of RFID in Library Management System
SI Satoglu, A Ustundag, MS Kilinc
The Value of RFID, 155-167, 2012
A Genetic Algorithm for the P-Median Facility Location Problem
MK Oksuz, SI Satoglu, G Kayakutlu, K Buyukozkan
GJCIE2016-Global Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Its …, 2016
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