Kai Jakobs
Kai Jakobs
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The making of standards: Looking inside the work groups
K Jakobs, R Procter, R Williams
IEEE Communications Magazine 39 (4), 102-107, 2001
Information technology standards and standardization: a global perspective
K Jakobs
Igi Global, 2000
Standardisation Processes in IT: Impact, problems and benefits of user participation
K Jakobs
Springer Verlag, 2000
Users and standardization—worlds apart? The example of electronic mail
K Jakobs, R Procter, R Williams
StandardView 4 (4), 183-191, 1996
User participation in standardisation processes: impact, problems and benefits
K Jakobs
The University of Edinburgh, 1998
Shaping user-side innovation through standardisation: The example of ICT
K Jakobs
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 73 (1), 27-40, 2006
Advanced Topics in Information Technology Standards and Standardization Research, Volume 1
K Jakobs
IGI Global, 2005
A proposal for an alternative standards setting process
K Jakobs
IEEE Communications Magazine 40 (7), 118-123, 2002
Standardisation, innovation and implementation of information technology
K Jakobs, R Procter, R Williams
Computers and Networks in the Age of Globalization 57, 201, 2000
User participation in standards setting—the panacea?
K Jakobs, R Procter, R Williams
StandardView 6 (2), 85-89, 1998
Information technology standards, standards setting and standards research
K Jakobs
Cotswolds Conference, Stanhope Center for Communication Policy Research, 8-9, 2003
Using the Internet in Transport Logistics-The Example of a Track & Trace System
K Jakobs, C Pils, M Wallbaum
Networking—ICN 2001, 194-203, 2001
High performance transfer services to support multimedia group communications
B Heinrichs, K Jakobs, A Carone
Computer Communications 16 (9), 539-547, 1993
China and Global ICT standardisation and innovation
R Williams, I Graham, K Jakobs, K Lyytinen
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Standards of quality and quality of standards for telecommunications and information technologies
MH Sherif, TM Egyedi, K Jakobs
Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology, 2005. The 4th …, 2005
ICT standardisation-co-ordinating the diversity
K Jakobs
2008 First ITU-T Kaleidoscope Academic Conference-Innovations in NGN: Future …, 2008
Creating a wireless LAN standard: IEEE 802.11
K Jakobs, W Lemstra, V Hayes, B Tuch, C Links
The Innovation Journey of Wi-Fi: The Road to Global Success 53, 2010
Why then did the X. 400 e-mail standard fail? Reasons and lessons to be learned
K Jakobs
Journal of Information Technology 28 (1), 63-73, 2013
Telecommunication standardisation-do we really need the user?
K Jakobs, R Procter, R Williams
Telecommunications, 1998. 6th IEE Conference on (Conf. Publ. No. 451), 165-169, 1998
How people and stakeholders shape standards: the case of IEEE 802.11
K Jakobs
International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, 1-13, 2010
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