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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On the prevalence of directly retrieved autobiographical memories.
T Uzer, PJ Lee, NR Brown
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 38 (5), 1296, 2012
Adverse childhood experiences lead to trans-generational transmission of early maladaptive schemas
Z Zeynel, T Uzer
Child abuse & neglect 99, 104235, 2020
The transitional impact scale: Assessing the material and psychological impact of life transitions
C Svob, NR Brown, JR Reddon, T Uzer, PJ Lee
Behavior Research Methods 46, 448-455, 2014
The effect of cue content on retrieval from autobiographical memory
T Uzer, NR Brown
Acta psychologica 172, 84-91, 2017
Retrieving autobiographical memories: How different retrieval strategies associated with different cues explain reaction time differences
T Uzer
Acta psychologica 164, 144-150, 2016
Disruptive individual experiences create lifetime periods: A study of autobiographical memory in persons with spinal cord injury
T Uzer, NR Brown
Applied Cognitive Psychology 29 (5), 768-774, 2015
Event centrality, transitional impact and symptoms of posttraumatic stress in a clinical sample
T Uzer, L Beşiroğlu, M Karakılıç
Anxiety, Stress, & Coping 33 (1), 75-88, 2020
Psychological control and indulgent parenting predict emotional-abuse victimization in romantic relationships
SD Beyarslan, T Uzer
Current Psychology 41 (8), 5532-5545, 2022
Socioemotional selectivity in older adults: Evidence from the subjective experience of angry memories
T Uzer, S Gulgoz
Memory 23 (6), 888-900, 2015
Understanding intergenerational transmission of early maladaptive schemas from a memory perspective: Moderating role of overgeneral memory on adverse experiences
İ Alaftar, T Uzer
Child abuse & neglect 127, 105539, 2022
Validity and reliability testing of the transitional impact scale
T Uzer
Stress and Health 36 (4), 478-486, 2020
Reminiscence functions and their relation to posttraumatic cognitions and well-being in young adults with chronic diseases.
S Kalaycı-Çelik, T Uzer
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition 11 (3), 405, 2022
COVID-19 pandemic as a transitional event: From the perspective of the transition theory
EZ Heanoy, T Uzer, NR Brown
Encyclopedia 2 (3), 1602-1610, 2022
Ruminative reminiscence predicts COVID-related stress symptoms while reflective reminiscence and social reminiscence predict post-COVID growth
S Akdağ, B Korkmaz, T Tiftik, T Uzer
Current Psychology 43 (18), 16992-17006, 2024
Investigating traumatic memory integration in people with and without post-traumatic stress disorder using the event-cueing paradigm
T Uzer, L Beşiroğlu, M Karakılıç, DÖ Yalçın, MS Yazar, A İlden Koçkar
Memory 31 (9), 1176-1184, 2023
COVID-19 memories young adults may share: exploring event properties and motivations for transmission
T Uzer, HH Avşar, H Tepegöz, ST Kılıçkaya
Memory, 1-12, 2024
Measuring functions of remembering public events: Development of a functions of collective memory questionnaire
T Uzer, S Akdağ, T Dalmış, TV Özdemir, D Demirtaşoğlu, İ Hekimci, ...
Applied Cognitive Psychology 38 (3), e4213, 2024
Investigating the relationship between sensory processing sensitivity and relationship satisfaction: mediating roles of negative affectivity and conflict resolution style
M Zorlular, T Uzer
Current Psychology 42 (30), 26504-26513, 2023
Only reduced specificity of negative memories is associated with reduced goal specificity in depression.
İ Korkutmaz, T Koç, T Uzer
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 2023
The Effects of Cue Content and Cue Repetition on Retrieval from Autobiographical Memory
T Uzer Yildiz
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