Fatima Zotin
Fatima Zotin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Thermal stability of Y zeolites containing different rare earth cations
FE Trigueiro, DFJ Monteiro, FMZ Zotin, EF Sousa-Aguiar
Journal of alloys and compounds 344 (1-2), 337-341, 2002
The role of rare earth elements in zeolites and cracking catalysts
EF Sousa-Aguiar, FE Trigueiro, FMZ Zotin
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Influence of support acidity of NiMoS catalysts in the activity for hydrogenation and hydrocracking of tetralin
SGA Ferraz, FMZ Zotin, LRR Araujo, JL Zotin
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Temperature-programmed reduction: limitation of the technique for determining the extent of reduction of either pure ceria or ceria modified by additiv
FMZ Zotin, L Tournayan, J Varloud, V Perrichon, R Fréty
Applied Catalysis A: General 98 (1), 99-114, 1993
A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy study of La-, Nd-, Sm-, Gd-and Dy-containing Y zeolites
EF Sousa-Aguiar, VLD Camorim, FMZ Zotin, RLC dos Santos
Microporous and mesoporous materials 25 (1-3), 25-34, 1998
Rietveld refinement and solid state NMR study of Nd-, Sm-, Gd-, and Dy-containing Y zeolites
JG Nery, MV Giotto, YP Mascarenhas, D Cardoso, FMZ Zotin, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 41 (1-3), 281-293, 2000
Automotive catalyst deactivation: Case studies
FMZ Zotin, OFM Gomes, CH de Oliveira, AA Neto, MJB Cardoso
Catalysis Today 107, 157-167, 2005
Thermal deactivation of Pt/Rh commercial automotive catalysts
DM Fernandes, CF Scofield, AA Neto, MJB Cardoso, FMZ Zotin
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Commercial automotive catalysts: Chemical, structural and catalytic evaluation, before and after aging
DM Fernandes, AA Neto, MJB Cardoso, FMZ Zotin
Catalysis today 133, 574-581, 2008
Traffic and catalytic converter–Related atmospheric contamination in the metropolitan region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
LID da Silva, JE de Souza Sarkis, FMZ Zotin, MC Carneiro, AA Neto, ...
Chemosphere 71 (4), 677-684, 2008
Influence of support acidity of NiMo sulfide catalysts for hydrogenation and hydrocracking of tetralin and its reaction intermediates
SGA Ferraz, BM Santos, FMZ Zotin, LRR Araujo, JL Zotin
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Silica–alumina impregnated with cerium, nickel, and molybdenum oxides for adsorption of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from diesel
AL Santos, RA Reis, V Rossa, MM Reis, ALH Costa, CO Veloso, ...
Materials Letters 83, 158-160, 2012
Copper–aluminum hydrotalcite type precursors for NOx abatement
V Muñoz, FMZ Zotin, LA Palacio
Catalysis Today 250, 173-179, 2015
Hydroisomerization of n-hexadecane using Pt/alumina-Beta zeolite catalysts for producing renewable diesel with low pour point
LC Gomes, D de Oliveira Rosas, RC Chistone, FMZ Zotin, LRR de Araujo, ...
Fuel 209, 521-528, 2017
Acetaldehyde behavior over platinum based catalyst in hydrogen stream generated by ethanol reforming
AFF De Lima, RC Colman, FMZ Zotin, LG Appel
International journal of hydrogen energy 35 (24), 13200-13205, 2010
Copper-nickel catalysts from hydrotalcite precursors: The performance in NO reduction by CO
D Lopes, F Zotin, LA Palacio
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 237, 327-338, 2018
Influence of the Chemical Composition of Silica–Alumina Adsorbents in Sulfur and Nitrogen Compounds Removal from Hydrotreated Diesel
JMPF Silva, EB Silveira, ALH Costa, CO Veloso, CA Henriques, FMZ Zotin, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (41), 16000-16014, 2014
Conversion of natural gas to higher valued products: light olefins production from methanol over ZSM-5 zeolites
Z da Silva Barros, FMZ Zotin, CA Henriques
Studies in surface science and catalysis 167, 255-260, 2007
Effect of composition and thermal treatment in catalysts derived from Cu-Al hydrotalcites-like compounds in the NO reduction by CO
CLO Corrêa, YE Licea, LA Palacio, FMZ Zotin
Catalysis Today 289, 133-142, 2017
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