Rabia Karakaya Polat
Rabia Karakaya Polat
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Internet and political participation: Exploring the explanatory links
RK Polat
European journal of communication 20 (4), 435-459, 2005
From conflict to cooperation: Desecuritization of Turkey's relations with Syria and Iran
B Aras, R Karakaya Polat
Security Dialogue 39 (5), 495-515, 2008
Turkey and the Middle East: frontiers of the new geographic imagination
B Aras, R Karakaya Polat
Australian Journal of International Affairs 61 (4), 471-488, 2007
Digital exclusion in Turkey: A policy perspective
RK Polat
Government information quarterly 29 (4), 589-596, 2012
The 2007 parliamentary elections in turkey: Between securitisation and desecuritisation
RK Polat
Parliamentary Affairs 62 (1), 129-148, 2009
The Internet and political participation-Exploring the explanatory links
R Karakaya Polat
Sage Publications Ltd, 2005
The Kurdish issue: can the AK Party escape securitization?
RK Polat
Insight Turkey, 75-86, 2008
Local democracy online: an analysis of local government web sites in England and Wales
L Pratchett, M Wingfield, RK Polat
International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR) 2 (3), 75-92, 2006
Citizenship in the age of the Internet: a comparative analysis of Britain and Turkey
R Karakaya Polat, L Pratchett
Citizenship Studies 18 (1), 63-80, 2014
The AKP and the Kurdish Issue: What went wrong?
RK Polat
Universitäts-und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, 2008
Religious solidarity, historical mission and moral superiority: construction of external and internal ‘others’ in AKP’s discourses on Syrian refugees in Turkey
RK Polat
Critical Discourse Studies 15 (5), 500-516, 2018
E-citizenship: Reconstructing the public online
RK Polat, L Pratchett
Changing local governance, changing citizens, 193-210, 2009
The Internet and democratic local governance: The context of Britain
RK Polat
The International information & library review 37 (2), 87-97, 2005
How far away from the politics of fear: Turkey in the EU accession process
RK Polat
The politics of EU Accession: Turkish challenges and central European …, 2010
The barriers to local e-democracy in the UK
L Pratchett, M Wingfield, R Karakaya Polat
Idea Group Publishing, 2006
Technology and Politics: Have the ICTs Turned into a Domain for Civil–Military Relations in Turkey?
R Karakaya Polat, Ö Kayhan Pusane
South European Society and Politics 21 (3), 301-318, 2016
New directions for women's political development in Turkey: Exploring the implications of the internet for Ka-der
RK Polat, E Çağlı
Information Polity 19 (3, 4), 179-194, 2014
The European Union as a desecuritizer: securitization and desecuritization of Turkey's Kurdish question
RK Polat
Political Studies Association Conference, Swansea, 1-3, 2008
E-citizenship: reconstructing the public online
R Karakaya Polat, L Pratchett
Policy Press, 2009
Can the Internet increase political participation
R Polat
Political Communication Report, 2007
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