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Xiaochuan Xu, PhD
Xiaochuan Xu, PhD
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Recent advances in silicon-based passive and active optical interconnects
H Subbaraman, X Xu, A Hosseini, X Zhang, Y Zhang, D Kwong, RT Chen
Optics Express 23 (3), 2487-2511, 2015
On-chip silicon optical phased array for two-dimensional beam steering
D Kwong, A Hosseini, J Covey, Y Zhang, X Xu, H Subbaraman, RT Chen
Optics Letters 39 (4), 941-944, 2014
IEEE Antennas Wireless Propag
H Subbaraman, DT Pham, X Xu, MY Chen, A Hosseini, X Lu, RT Chen
Lett 12, 170, 2013
Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor compatible high efficiency subwavelength grating couplers for silicon integrated photonics
X Xu, H Subbaraman, J Covey, D Kwong, A Hosseini, RT Chen
Applied Physics Letters 101 (3), 031109, 2012
Mid-infrared silicon photonic waveguides and devices
Y Zou, S Chakravarty, CJ Chung, X Xu, RT Chen
Photonics Research 6 (4), 254-276, 2018
Unique surface sensing property and enhanced sensitivity in microring resonator biosensors based on subwavelength grating waveguides
H Yan, L Huang, X Xu, S Chakravarty, N Tang, H Tian, RT Chen
Optics express 24 (26), 29724-29733, 2016
Observation of Third-order Nonlinearities in Graphene Oxide Film at Telecommunication Wavelengths
X Xu, X Zheng, F He, Z Wang, H Subbaraman, Y Wang, B Jia, RT Chen
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 9646, 2017
Ultralow-loss silicon waveguide crossing using Bloch modes in index-engineered cascaded multimode-interference couplers
Y Zhang, A Hosseini, X Xu, D Kwong, RT Chen
Optics Letters 38 (18), 3608-3611, 2013
Improving the detection limit for on-chip photonic sensors based on subwavelength grating racetrack resonators
L Huang, H Yan, X Xu, S Chakravarty, N Tang, H Tian, RT Chen
Optics Express 25 (9), 10527-10535, 2017
Inkjet-printed two-dimensional phased-array antenna on a flexible substrate
H Subbaraman, DT Pham, X Xu, MY Chen, A Hosseini, X Lu, RT Chen
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 12, 170-173, 2013
Ultracompact and fabrication-tolerant integrated polarization splitter
A Hosseini, S Rahimi, X Xu, D Kwong, J Covey, RT Chen
Optics Letters 36 (20), 4047-4049, 2011
Cavity-waveguide coupling engineered high sensitivity silicon photonic crystal microcavity biosensors with high yield
Y Zou, S Chakravarty, DN Kwong, WC Lai, X Xu, X Lin, A Hosseini, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 171-180, 2014
Grating-coupled silicon-on-sapphire integrated slot waveguides operating at mid-infrared wavelengths
Y Zou, H Subbaraman, S Chakravarty, X Xu, A Hosseini, WC Lai, P Wray, ...
Opt. Lett 39 (10), 3070-3073, 2014
On the role of evanescent modes and group index tapering in slow light photonic crystal waveguide coupling efficiency
A Hosseini, X Xu, DN Kwong, H Subbaraman, W Jiang, RT Chen
Applied Physics Letters 98 (3), 031107, 2011
Analysis of ultra-high sensitivity configuration in chip-integrated photonic crystal microcavity bio-sensors
S Chakravarty, A Hosseini, X Xu, L Zhu, Y Zou, RT Chen
Applied Physics Letters 104 (19), 191109, 2014
Stamp Printing of Silicon Nanomembrane Based Photonic Devices onto Flexible Substrates with a Suspended Configuration
X Xu, H Subbaraman, A Hosseini, C Lin, D Kwong, RT Chen
Optics Letters 37 (6), 1020-1022, 0
Thermal Conductivity Enhancement in under Extreme Strain
X Meng, T Pandey, J Jeong, S Fu, J Yang, K Chen, A Singh, F He, X Xu, ...
Physical review letters 122 (15), 155901, 2019
High quality factor subwavelength grating waveguide micro-ring resonator based on trapezoidal silicon pillars
Z Wang, X Xu, D Fan, Y Wang, RT Chen
Optics Letters 41 (14), 3375-3378, 2016
Colorless grating couplers realized by interleaving dispersion engineered subwavelength structures
X Xu, H Subbaraman, J Covey, D Kwong, A Hosseini, RT Chen
Optics letters 38 (18), 3588-3591, 2013
Geometrical tuning art for entirely subwavelength grating waveguide based integrated photonics circuits
Z Wang, X Xu, D Fan, Y Wang, H Subbaraman, RT Chen
Scientific Reports 6, 24106, 2016
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