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Mohammad Reza Haddadi
Mohammad Reza Haddadi
Ayatollah Boroujerdi University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On best proximity point results for some type of mappings
V Parvaneh, MR Haddadi, H Aydi
Journal of Function Spaces 2020, 1-6, 2020
Classical Zariski topology of modules and spectral spaces I
M Behboodi, MR Haddadi
International Electronic Journal of Algebra 4 (4), 104-130, 2008
Best proximity point iteration for nonexpensive mapping in Banach spaces
MR Haddadi
J. Nonlinear Sci. Appl 7 (2), 126-130, 2014
On a new generalization of Banach contraction principle with application
H Işık, B Mohammadi, MR Haddadi, V Parvaneh
Mathematics 7 (9), 862, 2019
Some results on the best proximity pair
MR Haddadi, SM Moshtaghioun
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2011, 2011
SOme results about best coapproximation in L P (S,X)
MR Haddadi, N Hejazjpoor, H Mazaheri
Analysis in Theory and Applications 26, 69-75, 2010
Global optimal approximate solutions of best proximity points
MR Haddadi, V Parvaneh, M Mursaleen
Filomat 35 (5), 1555-1564, 2021
Strong and pure fixed point properties of mappings on normed spaces
H Işık, V Parvaneh, MR Haddadi
Mathematical Sciences 15, 305-309, 2021
Existence and convergence theorems for equilibrium problems and fixed point problems
MR Haddadi, M Dehghanian
Southeast Asian Bull. Math 42 (4), 559-568, 2018
Stock Portfolio Optimization with MAD and CVaR Criteria by Comparing Classical and Metaheuristic Methods
MR Haddadi, Y Nademi, F Tafi
Financial Engineering and Portfolio Management 12 (47), 514-533, 2021
Modeling and Forecasting Evaluation of Different Models of Short-Term Memory, Long-Term Memory, Markov Switching and Hyperbolic GARCH in Forecasting OPEC Crude Oil Price Volatility
M Mohammadi Alamuti, M Haddadi, Y Nademi
Financial Engineering and Portfolio Management 9 (34), 249-272, 2018
Best approximation in TVS
MR Haddadi, J Hamzenejad
Caspian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (CJMS) 1 (2), 75-79, 2012
Relation between fixed point and asymptotical center of nonexpansive maps
MR Haddadi, H Mazaheri, MHL Ghasemi
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2011, 1-6, 2011
Best approximation in vector spaces
MR Haddadi, H Mazaheri
Mathematical Notes 89, 741-745, 2011
Analyzing the Interrelationships between Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship Process Based on Grey DEMATEL:(Case Study: Iran's Food Industries)
H Khanifar, MH Rahmati, A Lahoutian, MR Haddadi
Iranian Journal of Management Studies 11 (3), 601-628, 2018
Existence and convergence theorems for best proximity points
MR Haddadi
Asian-European Journal of Mathematics 11 (01), 1850005, 2018
New classes of contractions in Banach algebras with applications
MR Haddadi, V Parvaneh, M Mursaleen, V Rakočević
Mathematical Notes 110, 522-531, 2021
A new version of the Hahn Banach theorem in b-Banach spaces
MR Haddadi, H Alaeidizaji, V Parvaneh
Mathematical Analysis and its Contemporary Applications 3 (3), 27-32, 2021
Forecasting the Global Gold Price Movement with Marginal Distribution Modeling Approach: An Application of the Copula GARCH Gaussian and t
MR Haddadi, Y Nademi, H Farhadi
Financial Engineering and Portfolio Management 11 (42), 67-88, 2020
Proximity Point Properties for Admitting Center Maps
MH Labbaf Ghasemi, MR Haddadi, N Eftekhari
Sahand Communications in Mathematical Analysis 15 (1), 159-167, 2019
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